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I moved out of my Dallas, Texas apartment on April 24, 2010. My cable services with AT&T were disconnected on April 23, 2010. My apartment gave me prelabeled boxes to send my equipment from a UPS store to the AT&T warehouse in Carrollton, Texas. The boxes were shipped via UPS on April 26, 2010. I received the tracking number from UPS.

On June 14, 2010, I began to receive phone calls from the Credit Management collection agency stating that I owed $880.00 for unreturned equipment to AT&T. Not once I had received any type of notification from AT&T stating they had not received my equipment. The collection agency wanted me to pay the full amount right then on the phone. I told them that I would not pay them without talking with AT&T first.

I immediately called AT&T. I asked why was I not notified about the missing equipment and was first told that they did not have to notify me and then later told a letter was sent to me, which I never received. I was then transferred to the warehouse. The guy I talked to immediately asked my for the tracking number from UPS. I told him that I did not have the tracking number because I had returned the equipment nearly 2 months prior and had never heard anything about it. He said that there was a "chance" that my equipment was sitting in the warehouse somewhere and had been overlooked when it was returned. I told him how irresponsible it was of his company to be sending collection agencies after people when their equipment might just be sitting in the warehouse. He said, "Yes, I know". He told me that they would look for it and it could take 5-7 days.

After talking with him and the collection agency, I spent time trying to hunt down this tracking number to prove to AT&T that I had returned the equipment. On June 16, 2010, I received another phone call from the collection agency. I called AT&T after speaking with them. I spoke with someone in the warehouse and was told that my equipment had been located and was sitting in the warehouse this entire time. I was told that the collection agency would stop calling within 24-48 hours.

After reading many similar reports, this is definitely a company problem and not an isolated incident. With the high pressure payment request from the Collection Agency and the pompous attitude of AT&T, there is no question this does not happen by accident. It is a corporate problem and I will continue to report this to as many public agencies as I can.

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Thanks all for the INFO on return procedures. I will make sure I have this covered when I return my equipment. Photos and copy of hand reciepts.


Just to let you guys know this never goes away. I had this same back and forth bull situation over three years ago and I just got a $575 hit on my credit report.

I was told it was handled about ten-fifteen times over the phone.

I haven't even thought about it in a year and a half and here it is, rearing its ugly little head back into my life. Now comes the wonderful process of trying to get it off my credit report.


i finally got through to the warehouse. they hadn't checked in a box that their tech replaced, they hadn't checked in the access card even though the working box had been sent out again.

they called CMI to remove the collection. can't believe i was about to pay the $600 to get this off my credit when they could have just checked their system and fixed it all along


I got the following number from AT&T H.E. for their warehouse: 877-664-2712.

Has anyone called this before? It goes straight to call-on-hold music when I dial it.


I shut off service and returned the box only to find myself in collections 17 months later.

What is the phone # for the warehouse? My cable box has to be there and they have to find it!


AT&T Home Entertainment has the worst possible customer service.........


OMG! Same happened to me!

They want 440 bucks for this *** box from me! Same collection agency... Credit Management. I will hire a lawyer and fight this.

Might end up spending more than 400, but I will not take this.

I also cancelled all my other ATT services in response to this. TV/Internet/cell phone.


this same stuff has happened to me and it is a long drawn out process. i have been in touch with their warehouse several times.

now i am being told that they have to check with the installer that switched out my boxes. they say they will try to locate the equipment in the warehouse or with inventory control. meanwhile my account has been sent to collections and they are essentially holding me and my refund hostage, because of what could be a mistake by an agent of their company. this is ridiculous.

fyi...their collection agency is an in-house company. i was informed this by one of their representatives.


I just emailed AT&T Home Entertainment, citing this page. I've been getting the same calls, and I sent in the box via the UPS Label from a UPS store a while back.

It seems to me that they should just take the box from your place, rather than having you send it in, especially if this *** keeps happening.


To jfd185:

Keep calling the warehouse. They told me it would take 5-7 days to locate the equipment. I called back within one day and they had found it!


This same exact thing has happened to me. At this point AT&T is searching their warehouse for me.

I sure hope they find my receiver. I am very upset with AT&T that they did not contact me first as well.

The collections agency stated AT&T was not required to contact me. That just not seem right.

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