Little Rock, Arkansas

This is the third month in a row that some outside billing company has added an unauthorized charge for a service I did not order to my AT&T bill. It takes me at least an hour on the phone to three different companies to cancel the service and get a refund.

The worst thing is AT&T refuses to allow me to put a blanket block on all such future third-party transactions. The service rep just tells me that that is not available.

I can prevent all collect calls but why can I not stop third-party companies from scamming me? Perhaps AT&T gets a cut?

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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ATT will block these charges. They will block ALL 3rd party charges if you wish.


Or you can do what i did and try VoIP. my services cost me $25 a month for unlimited everything.

i got it from this website my friend told me about it, its a real steal


I work for AT&T customer service. Don't hate me, haha.

Not every representative is horrible. Anyway, the third-party subscriptions CAN be blocked. Call customer service and tell them you want to be set up on purchase blocker on all your lines. It is a free service and the rep can send you an email with a pin number for each of your lines.

Any time your phone is trying to download anything that will cost money, you will have to put the pin number in to complete the purchase. That way, you only purchase things you MEAN to purchase.

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