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I can't wait to get rid of AT&T home phone service! You are not allowed to discontinue or cancel your service online, and when you call and get through 20 minutes of recordings, and then wait 20 minutes on hold for a representative, only to find out that you must only contact the "Plans and Services" phone number if you are wanting to cancel your service.

When I get this service canceled, I promise to "GOD" that I will never deal with AT&T again, for ANYTHING! I don't care if they are giving a thousand dollars with new service, it is NOT worth the headaches their people and their business ethics create! I had been receiving advertisements for almost 8 months, saying that "AT&T Uverse is available in my area"..."Call today to start service", so I did. They came and went through my entire home for the locations of the install. I moved furniture and everything necessary to complete the install..."I WAS EXCITED" to be getting a new service.

Thirty minutes later, I was told that this service was not available in my area, and a representative would be contacting me. Five days later, a representative called to tell me the service was not available in my area..."REALLY?!" was my reply. You called to tell me that? "Yes" he said. "Well, thank you captain obvious" I did not know that.

They actually have someone who's job is to call and tell you what you already know!!! (WOW...well managed company)

Now it has been almost 2 weeks later, and I find out that their installer disconnected my phone from the house. So, it has become my job to go through the painful process of getting it repaired, or just disconnect the service. I choose to disconnect the service, (I do not use it anyway) I have been a AT&T customer for 20 years, and figured I would just keep the phone service for the 911 emergency service in the house...$19.93 @ month. It turns out that it is MORE painful trying to cancel service than the headache of getting it repaired.

Anyway, getting the service disconnected is going to be the best in the long run I believe, because, I will "NEVER" have to deal with this terrible company ever again. After reading all the complaints on just "this" site alone, I know I have made the right choice. I was actually thinking of getting all the services that AT&T offered...thank GOD I found about how terrible they are before getting further involved with them.

I will do everything in my power to get the word out about AT&T to all my friends, and anyone that I come in contact with, just to save them from the experience that all of us have (and are) going through. In order to do your part, do more than complain in a public forum...tell EVERYONE you know. Create the solution, don't wait for it! AT&T = Poor customer satisfaction!

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I moved to lines to U-verse (no problem); the over the phone U-verse phone activation worked fine (both lines in one call). Then I called in to 1-800-288-2020 per the support tab at (home phone/ local& long distance ...NOT U-verse) to get a third line still on traditional service disconnected.The disconnect was very quick, even though warned about long hold times an agent came online almost immediately. I also was offered a live handoff to resolve an unrelated U-verse issue; all in all everything was handled professionally and with respect to my time.


Message 14 on page 2 had this number in his message...Its 866-819-5368

Best of luck!


Hi: I'm experiencing similiar issue with disconnecting home phone/internet service. I could not find how to locate the number to do this, and was transferred from the wireless division only to be placed on hold for 20 minutes.

And I still don't have the direct number/department. Can someone provide the number by chance?


I work for AT&T and experianced every issue above, It has been about 6 weeks for my problem. I already switched my cell to Verizon.

If I was not a 30 year employee who gets $50 a month free service, I would get rid of them completely. We suck badley. What a shame. $50 a month is a benefit I earned, but I really do not want it.

Besides, Verizon owns the lines. Go Figure


Is it true that ATT has fried land line, home phone connections? I can get DSL through my land line connection, but my home phone ID panel says "No Line". I am fed up with this malarkey, and am seriously considering switching over to COX.


:( What the heck is wrong with AT&T customer service? It's Terrible!!!

I call for 2 weeks in a row just to cancel my AT&T home phone service and only got more headache each time I call just because they keeps on making me hold and transferred me to severals answering machine.

Guess what?

I haven't reach them until now, where are they I wonder? I'm sick and tired of AT&T and thinking i'll remove all the services I having with them.


Now with the download cap, i have been throttled back to under 1mps from the 6 mps I pay for , I was told in the email I had exceeded the cap and the next day ....I was down to 1 mps...and have been trying to contact for the last 5 days and nothing...and service is still like this.....this is so wrong of AT& T and When I looked at Verizon optical...I was told sorry you have AT&T phone service...we cant help there nothing I can do??


I have called ATT off and on for 2 business days wanting to cancel my home service. The recording says they are over loaded and to call back at another time or go to their WEB site, then I am disconnected!! Now that's real customer service!!!

So I go to the WEB site and it tells me to call another 800# to disconnect service! LOL of course that # has been disconnected!!!

Is this really a phone company!!


I am very upset right now at trying to cancel my home phone service due to a move. After spending 20 minutes on hold, I was also transferred to the wrong department.

That guy gave me the special number and promised I wouldn't wait this time. I'm on hold for 20 minutes again. I may cancel everything AT&T related when I final. Wait..

I got to a live person... BUT - Oh - Wrong state! On to the next person...

REALLY? This has to be the worst customer service ever.


I'm sitting on hold right now waiting to cancel my home phone and internet service. I already wasted more than 10 minutes on hold because they transferred me to the wrong department, now I have to start all over again with another hold time of "more than 10 minutes".

It's like this every time I try to contact them. Plus their websites are impossible to navigate.

It's ridiculous! :(


Last month, my daughter had placed a incorrect order for an I-Phone to AT&T whereas we wanted something else. I called the ATT helpline immediately and wanted to cancel my order.

I spoke to a Philippines based rep who was very courteous but never understood a word what I said. After 45 minutes of a very tiring effort, she staggeringly informed me that my product is somewhere lodged in a warehouse and she does not have the authority to get that canceled.

I was advised to wait for a few days and call back. I am stranded now and didn’t have a clue that canceling a subscription takes such a *** of a time whereas ordering just takes a minute without even talking to any.


I couldn't aqree more than with these complaints. ATT salesman came to my house to tell us how ATT U-verse now available for my home, sold us on leaving Comcast for TV and Internet, ATT already had our home phone service.

On install date two weeks ago, they could not install saying not enough bandwith. Then we find out after the guy leaves that our ATT home phone doesn't work. Call the next day and promised working by 8 pm. Two weeks later no home service.

No promised contact from ATT U-verse for follow up install. Try to cancel by calling about 4:50 pm when I got home from work. By the time I finished all the pre-recorded menu's its after 5:00 pm, so when I get transfered to a human, I get a recording saying I need to call back during normal business hours. So I subscribe to Comcast voice and call to cancel ATT and they treated me like *** on the phone because I cancelled.

They made me demand to get credit for the 13 days I had no service rather than an apology for a bad experience. FCC needs to look at these clowns. Worst service I have had in a long time from a "major" corporation.

I have ATT wireless and have had a good support experience. How can the two parts of the company be 180 degrees apart in how they treat customers?


My son called this afternoon September 19,10

from Houston Texas I miised the call. I called him back making a big mistake on my land line phone instead of my att cell phone with plenty minutes. Now I have a request to make for over one year att did not provide service for me well at all. I was kicked off the internet for over week at

a time in the middle of doing something. I had to use my att cell phone to make local calls. I called and called att and was told all kinds of things including it being my inside wiring, also too far from att station etc I called from outide box to att noisy, Finally a linesman came and it was a wire on post in front of my house. Now I am asking you to forgive this long distance

call for the touble I had this year and last year. I got 2 engineers to check inside

wiring okay. phone repair was not always very nice I feel I need compensation.


:( I couldn't get away from AT&T fast enought. I had home phone and DSL service with them for over 8 years.

Everything was good until my phone stopped working. I would pick it up and there would be no dial tone. My DSL continued to work. 6 seperate times I had an AT&T tech out (4 times they didn't show).

Each one said the same's my phone. So I spend about $80 to replace 3 phones in my house. Again, no dial tone. 7th visit and they said the same thing...and insulted my wife by saying a phone is off the hook!

Yeah, like we didn't check that! So, bottom line I went to Comcast. One month and so far so good. However, I still need to pay my last AT&T bill.

Went online (I always had paperless billing and paid online) and to my lack of surprise, I needed to call. So began my 90 minute series of phone calls to customer service (one disconnected, one transferred wrong, one to IVR system which couldn't recognize me). Finally one customer service rep said she would send me a bill in the mail and no worries if it's late (yeah right!).

I just am so angry and can't wait to just have them gone! For good!!


AT&T is the worst company in the world.Money talks and BS walks. Who has money has power.

If you get pissed with then is your loss. I won't work with then ever again. If you don't ask AT&T to connect your DSL properly. They don't tell the customer that you have to deal with two different lines and make sure those two are connected.

The Public Utilities commission has in the list a blue witch provide analog phone service better then AT&T.

Here it goes a good tip. That's all !


I have had very similar dissappoingting experiences. A rep gave me the direct line (bypasses all the menu junk) but you still have to wait...not near as long. Its 866-819-5368.


I switched to Cox Cable years ago for phone service with 4 land lines at my home; I couldn't be happier. Rarely do I have a problem and if I do, I get prompt support over the telephone. I agree with everything you stated about dealing with AT&T---an absolute nightmare.


Got rid of the rip-offs AT&T for all phones.. home, business and Cell.

They stick.

Customer service sticks and they are rip-offs. Better off opening the window and yell at the top of your lungs to call your family in another state.


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