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Looking at this list of complaints, which is needless to say not the only one that is easily found on the Internet, you would think that somebody would look into AT&T's operations and procedures. The complaints cover all the bases: horrible Internet and wireless service, numerous installation problems, false advertising promises, billing problems that border on fraud and a customer service system that can only be termed as Kafkaesque.

So even though it is going on a huge, unnoticed mountain of complaints, I'll add my tale of woe into to this testament.

"¢ I had DSL with AT&T at my old place for a year, it was $15 a month and worked well with no problems.

"¢ I was moving, so a month before hand a called to transfer my service to my new address, which is about 3 blocks away (about a .25 of a mile).

"¢ After the first long wait I am informed that DSL is not offered in my new area (3 blocks away?), and that I would only be able to get U-VERSE for around $30 a month. Although disappointed, I say that is acceptable and I begin to sign up.

"¢ I am informed that there is a fee for installation. When I tell them that the installation fee is unacceptable and that I will go elsewhere if it is charged, they tell me that I can do a self-install for no fee. I tell them that I will accept this option.

"¢ While signing up, the customer service representative tells my that the equipment will be delivered to my new address in two weeks. I explain that this cannot happen due to the fact that I don't live there yet and will not be there to receive the package. The basic fact that I can't be physically be somewhere where I am not at confuses the service representative to the point where the whole transaction has to start over with a manager.

"¢ The outcome of this exchange (2 HOURS) is that I ended up with, unknown to me, 2 U-VERSE accounts.

"¢ About a week later I receive the modem and other equipment in the mail.

"¢ A few days before I move, I receive an email from AT&T reminding me of the installation appointment the the next day. There are two problems with this: one, I am supposed to be doing a self-install and two, I don't live there yet.

"¢ I call customer service to clarify this matter and after being bounced around about 5 times, I am informed that the first account was not canceled and that I can not do self-install in my new area. The necessary installation will be have $120 fee.

"¢ I almost do it (due to exhaustion) and ask when I can get an appointment. The representative says that I have an appointment the next day. I (once again) tell him that I don't yet live there. The next appointment isn't for 3 weeks.

"¢ I am very unhappy. I cancel everything and never actually have the service installed. This whole exchange took about 2.5 HOURS on the phone.

"¢ I get WOW Internet service. Sign up was easy, installation was free, the tech was came two hours early and have not had any trouble at all. I highly recommend them if they are in your area.

"¢ The next day I get another email from AT&T, leading me to believe one of the two accounts is still active. I also find that I do not have the return address label in the equipment box (which I had never opened) to send back the modem. I had found out about AT&T's strict return policy and wanted to make sure I did not get charged for the equipment.

"¢ Another phone call to customer service, canceled the second account (which was still open) and had them email me the return label. After this 2 HOUR phone call, I followed the return directions exactly, took the package to USPS that same day and mailed it to the location in Texas.

"¢ According to the tracking information, the package was received at their location 9 days later.

"¢ When I got my next cell phone bill (not from AT&T) I found that the customer service phone calls had made me go over on my minutes, costing me about $60 more than usual. Thanks AT&T.

"¢ About a week and a half ago, I received a bill from AT&T saying that I owed them $80.07 for the modem that I had already sent back and had been received. I had been signed up for automatic bill pay and my account would be debited automatically on October 18.

"¢ I call customer service again, explain the situation and am repeatedly assured that my account will not be charged the amount. I receive a confirmation number for this transaction. This is 1 HOUR phone call. I bet you see where this is going...

"¢ Two days ago, on October 18, I check my bank account online and see that AT&T has debited my account by $80.07.

"¢ I call again and am a little angry this time. I am bounced around a number of times and am told that they are looking form the equipment (remember, I have the tracking information saying it was returned) and the charges cannot be reversed for one or two billing cycles.

"¢ I tell them that this is unacceptable and finally get a representative to tell me that they will credit my account in two business days. This was another 1 HOUR phone call.

"¢ It has now been two business days and, if you haven't already guessed, my account has still not been credited.

So here is the score ---

AT&T - $80 Bill + $60 Phone Overage + 8 Hours Of My Life

ME - Zilch + Nada + Nothing

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Installation.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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At&T. IS.



I am so frustrated with at&t, after 3 years I have small business account with them suddenly they send me Bill just double price. My monthly bill was around $235.00 and now they billed me $435.00.

Just unveilibable, I called att and they said I supposed to call them for renewal as my contract is over and they already sent me letter which, I never received and no clue what they saying. It simply pissed me off after been 3yeras with arty never missed any payment instead of reward they just punishing me.I called att after 45 minutes on the phone they could not help me with anything. I asked the lady if I may talked to the manager or superior she said someone will call me next day it has been 3 days no call.I am now considering even change provider.

terrible service and will not stay with them for sure. We have few other small business account with them we are considering to change providers, also will tell all my family and friends to go with others NOT AT&T.


Deja Vu!

Last Year in Late Spring 2013 AT & T had erroneously filed the bills to both my land line accounts (one for business, one for personal/family) to my Wireless account.

I checked both my bank statements and billing history through my online bank account and discovered this sc*w up on their part... billing history clearly showed that the payments went to the right accounts but the statements showed "ATT Mobility" for each payment... resulting in a massive credit on my Wireless account but a nasty deficit on my other accounts.

These bozo's proceeded to send this to collections (Southwest Credit) to collect on bills already paid but that their billing department sc*wed up, I had to collect all the necessary data to send to Southwest to not only dispute the charge but prove that I did not owe a dime and that I, in fact, had paid AT&T and on time for the full amount each time. The case was dropped as a result.

Fast forward to this year/Summer and they suspend my Wireless account AND my other land line account for non payment, so what do I do?

Check my bank statements and online billing history again and lo and behold these idiots in their billing department did it again! History showed the payments were sent to the right accounts but bank statements show they went to ATT Mobility again... yet, two accounts are suspended/discontinued as a result. Did everyone in their billing department flunk Sandbox 1A or something?

I make a point of scheduling each payment for each account months in advance so as not to fall behind and yet this is how they treat their customers?

Give me a break! What kind of business model is that?

Oh and on my one good account (showing a credit of about at least $60) there was a little "notice" that they were going to send that account to collections ... an account that clearly had a credit!


I'm going through a mess with AT&T since Sept 1st 2013. I had their internet service which was advertised for $14.95 first bill came and they charged me new customer fees which I knew about but the internet price was $49.00.

I called got a credit after going round and round with different people. Then I made the mistake of going to the AT&T store and bought a I-Phone and a wireless phone for my home. So with my internet service I had a hard wire phone which they said they would turn off and just leave my internet service the same. Didn't happen!

Three days latter I had no internet. I called AT&T day after day, hour after hour and got transferred every where. Bills just kept coming and they told me it was my modem which I said it wasn't. They sent me a new modem & I refused it.

Then a lady at At&T told me they made a mistake and turned off my internet service. Well than they start me a new internet account with a new number and start charging me all these hook-up fees and give me again the wrong price. After six weeks I paid them over $400 for poor service. I send my wireless equipment back argue with customer service over this because they have a Two Week return policy.

It took me 6 weeks to find out that the wireless side and the internet side of AT&T don't talk to each other (They are like two separate companies). I told them it was their fault for promising me at the store my internet price would state the same and I will not pay early cancellation fees which the man agreed to after going round and round. Now here it is May 2014 and collection companies are calling trying to collect over $600 for the six weeks of wireless and another $170 for internet. In those six week I paid them over $450 already.

I'm not paying there hook up fees and disconnect fees for service they never provided at the price they never gave me. I still send them letters and I have copies of the ad with the price they advertised.

AT&T needs to fix their customer service department and stop all their phone tag. :(


if you are a wireless customer watch out for for raodside assistance, att navigator and family maps on your bill. AT&T is really pushing these features on their reps and reps are putting them on your accounts without telling or asking you.

Ed S

I am canceling AT&T. I am tired of customer service in India trying to sell me a service and not resolving problems unless I purchase their package.

You cannot get help with your Internet unless it is during certain hours. Their Internet is slow (I have the pro version) and costly. I am switching to WOW! which gives me 15MPS with phone service of 100 hours per month.

AT&T gives you 3MPS with NO hours for your phone service and it's only $10 more.

When I wrote a review about AT&T complaining about not having Internet customer sevice available during certain hours, I was called a "Racist" by an AT&T rep.

She stated that people in India need a rest. Is this any way to run a business?


Never, never, never, never, ever will I use AT&T. even if they are the only company to get internet or wireless or television in my area.

This company has the worst customer service.

I will go with-out before I use their service. I have never dealt with a company that does not know how to treat the very people that keep them in business.


Hello Redbiko. My name is Kevin and I'm with AT&T.

Please send me your account information to include the billing name, address, and account number to

Please include details and a good contact number and time as well and I will try and assist you with this issue. Thanks ATTKevinC

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