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Update by user Oct 15, 2012

I had complained about this in other social media outlets, as well. On Sept. 15th, friend of mine texted me a name and contact information for someone in the Social Media department of AT&T. I emailed that person and heard back on the morning of the 17th. She said that she would pass the info along.

I got a call from another AT&T customer service person on the 18th. It seemed that the deal that the guys at the AT&T Store made with me was not an authorized one, which is why the long-distance order was never processed. But since they made the deal, AT&T honored it. The rep overrode the rejection and long-distance service commenced a few hours later.


The lesson is \"complain, complain, complain\" across every form of social media you can access. Eventually, somebody listens. On the other hand, if all you do is complain to the company itself, you\'re likely never going to get the problem resolved to your satisfaction.

Update by user Sep 14, 2012

2PM on Friday. Long distance service is as available for that line as it was in 1845.

Original review posted by user Sep 14, 2012

I'm a lawyer in a medium-sized town, starting out on my own. Two weeks ago, I went to the AT&T Origin Store (not a reseller) and ordered two phone lines with unlimited long-distance service and Uverse internet.

First, they said that it would be eight days to get the service activated, since they had to send someone out, because it was an office building. The tech showed up on Saturday the 8th. He told me that the phones would be switched on remotely and he wired whatever for the Uverse.

On the 9th, I went in and did the self-install on the Uverse, which worked. Both phone lines were dead. I called Customer Service ( the first of many, many calls). They said they'd send a tech out on Monday.

Monday the 10th, the tech showed up. He told me that one of the phone lines was a VoIP line and that I had to plug that phone into the Uverse box. It worked. He got the second line, a POTS line, to a dial tone. When he was there, I called AT&T customer service to find out why the number for the first line I had was different from the number that the guy at the AT&T Origin Store gave me. Turns out that they were going to give me the VoIP line and two POTS lines, because I said that I wanted two phone lines. So I canceled the order for the second POTS line.

Then, that afternoon, I tried to send a fax long distance on the second line. I heard the old triple tone trouble alert, followed by a message that I needed to enter a long-distance access code. I called AT&T customer service.

AT&T customer service has been repeatedly baffled by the fact that I have a VoIP line and a POTS line. I kept getting transferred from one customer service functionary to another.

Finally, I reached someone who said that they'd check it out.

Tuesday morning, the POTS line was dead. I called AT&T and they said that they'd send the tech back out.

Wednesday (the 12th), the same tech came out. He fixed the line so that it had a dial tone. Then I hooked a phone up to the POTS line, dialed a long-distance number and got the same trouble alert. The tech (the only truly competent person at AT&T that I have dealt with so far) told me that was because they hadn't activated long-distance service. I called customer service, got routed around to different numbers again, and then disconnected. I went to the AT&T Origin Store, where a third guy verified that somebody had forgotten to include long-distance service and he placed the order.

Yesterday, the 13th, no change. I texted the guy at the AT&T Store. He verified that the order had been processed and gave me the order and incident numbers. I called AT&T customer service and got routed around some more. Whenever they said that they needed to re-route me, I asked for that number. I got disconnected (of course) and then I called the new number, where I talked to a customer service person intermittently for a half-hour and mostly was on hold. Then, of course, the call was disconnected.

I had several faxes that I needed to send out of my town. I just took them home last night and sent them from my all-in-one printer, with no problem.

I have literally spent hours on the phone with AT&T customer service people for the simple (to me) problem of just turning on long-distance service for my office POTS line. And what I really am beginning to despise are the *** throwaway lines of the agents of "thank you for choosing AT&T" or "you're the best part of AT&T" and similar smarmy phrases. None of them seem to be able to do anything more than either pass the call along to another AT&T drone or send out the local technicians.

Back in the Ma Bell days, when AT&T was a monopoly, the joke was that their motto was: "AT&T. We don't care. We don't have to." I don't see that anything has changed. No, actually, I take that back. I had service from Ma Bell before the breakup. They were never this incompetent.

AT&T's slogan now is "Rethink Possible". As in "If You Think It Is Possible, Think Again."

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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Hi JakesMom. My name is Ray and I am an At&t Social Media Manager.

Sorry that your LD is not working on your POTS line as promised. If you are still having this issue please email me at Please Provide me your account number and a good call back number.

Also please include "JakesMom" in the subject line. I would like to help -Ray, AT&T Social Media Manager M-F 830-530 CST

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