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At&t resently let someone open not 1 but 2 accounts using my wifes indentity.She has a 7 year alert on her account with the 3 major credit reporting services.

Her name is flagged with At&t not to let anyone open an account with her name, but they did anyway. I called to ask how this could happen, starting with customer service, then fraud department and then to their credit department. No one could give me an answer. One lady said that they call our home and said my wife OK the accounts.

I called her a liar. Now we have been trying to close the accounts. This the stupidest proceedure I have every been through. We have to prove to At&t who we are before we can close the accounts.

It's funny that At&t can mail us the bill to our address, see our address when we call but they can't take our word we are who we say we are when we try to do them a favor and close these accounts. To close these account you must fill out a fraud packet for each account. You must have proof of residence from 3 months prior. I don't know about you but I don't keep 3 and 4 month old Light and Gas bills.

I just wish I could talk with a Supervisor from At&t and ask them what the h%$l is going on with them.


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we have been spoofed (our landline)...AT&T says there is NOTHING they can do nor will the4y....it's not against the law??

She said to call the FTC and make a complaint.

We will, then I will by the EOD have CANCELLED all services with them.Others......BE AWARE!!


My phone was cloned and I. Spoke to every department and fraud department kept me on hold for 2hours and I hung up .I'm not computer savvy so I feel violated and upset as a att customer.!!!!!!sincerely Anthony A.A.

San Marcos, California, United States #1134649

they are bunch of crooks!!!scammers!!!

please bring this issue to the media. the news. Facebook. I will do that too.

we all should get together and open peoples eyes. this company belongs to Gop. the Rep.

lets complain we should open a law suit to this company.*** bastards!!!

to anonymous Perryville, Missouri, United States #1282858

I agree completely.I signed up for Direct tv for 89.00 a month.

Then they offered me a free IPhone 7 to used their cell service. I started receiving bills for ridiculous amounts immediately. They had joined my account with someone in Texas with a similar name. They said it was happening a lot because of a computer glitch.

That computer glitch has not been repaired in 3 months now. They have take 407.00 from my checking account for someone's bill in Texas. I get a new bill about every week. This has been going on since Nov.

2016, and still not fixed. I told them to delete my bank withdrawal information, they said they did. Well, guess what today I paid the other persons bill again.

They never returned the first $407.00 they withdrew in January.Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit to AT&T.


I just got a letter from collection from AT&T from afni of 5 phone line with a bill of $3690.10 .How the *** this happen I'm so stressed off over this *** I didn't do!!!grr apparently AT&T not doing there job and sometime I just feel like the fraud department is a fraud themselves .some there customer service is so rude.

We are the victim of the fraud don't you get it!!!Grrr


A class action lawsuit against ATT definitely needs to be filed - how do we go about getting that started?? They have done this to way too many hard working Americans!

to Mike #1090586

Yup they put my name on 2 bills belonging to another person.. social and all.. at&t is a fraud

to Anonymous Perryville, Missouri, United States #1282859

Same here.They have someone in Texas added to my account.

They withdrew $407.00 from my account in Jan. for the Texas person's bill. They told me they had replaced my $407.00 back into my account. They lied.

They still have my 407.00 and still have that person's info on my account..

They said it was a computer glitch, but I have to put up with their rude employees every two weeks trying to keep that other persons bill off my account.How do we file a class action law suit.


I am going through the same thing, and they inconvenience you asking that you go to the store so they can identify you???????


My 20 yr old granddaughter unfortunately had her personal identity information used by her crack-head mother to open up a new AT&T wireless account online in December 2013, complete with a brand new I Phone.She didn't discover it until she received a letter from AT&T about her new cell phone service.

I helped her file an Identity Theft Report with the Police Dept per AT&T Fraud Dept and submitted it with a detailed letter with ALL the facts as to how she couldn't have and didn't open the account and they still sent it to a collection agency. They claim their "investigation" determined she is responsible for the debt. I am now helping her continue fighting by filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. She has yet to hear back from AT&T.

Would anyone else out there be willing to file a class action lawsuit against AT&T and if so, how does one get this process started?


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