Elmhurst, Illinois

@44 S Vail St, Arlington Hts, IL some employees are subjected to such repeated extreme bullying & harassment -they can barely concentrate on their jobs to do right by the consumer. The senior manager is so racist she condones & supports bullying of employees who are not her ethnic group- Its daily, its constant & if you complain they will turn it around on you "How dare you not do a good job while we are harassing you !

You're the problem " It is an completely out of control environment , where everyday we have to watch our backs . It is a *** on earth, when all we want is to peacefully do our jobs & give customers good service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Manager.

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This same thing is happening in Georgia, racism demeaning behavior and group bullying by management, with union stewards involved to boot. If you not of the same race your ignored, crude jokes being told on the floor, managers dancing on the floor with employes, management associating personally with employees after work on a social level, it is out of control


I have a similar problem, though not as upsetting (but still annoying). When someone escalates to a manager to give praise to a rep, it's called a "kudos call", and after the call ends the manager receiving the call will shout "*ATT REP* GOT A KUDOS CALL!

WOOOOOOO!!!" across the whole center so everyone, including our customers on the phone, can hear. And they will make sure everyone claps for a couple seconds so I have to put my box on mute.

Every day. Every *** day.

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