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5/04/12 - Talk to at&t about increasingly poor dsl connection that cuts in & out. In the past (2) months, is getting worse. In the 1+ hour process, I get disconnected due to my at&t iphone dropping call. No one bothers to call me back even though they possess every phone number I have.

The solution to my issue? Call them back when modem is actually cutting out/down... Really??? Are you f-king kidding me??

5/16/12 - Dsl going in n out since 11.00pm on 5/15/12. Can't hold ipad internet connection for more than (2) minutes. When i got the ipad a year ago, i could. I call them at 1.41am on 5/16/12 hoping for short wait time. My internet is cutting out every 2-3 minutes from 1:00am -after 2:00am as i wait on hold for 50 minutes. I finally hung up.

It's astounding how poor their service is. The solution offered by them is in the *** am I supposed to get through to them the exact moment my line is down when I can't even get through.

Someone have a real number with people who can actually offer a solution?? This is BS.

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Hello Sherylispoed,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing intermittent connectivity with your DSL service.I would like to assist you with this.

Please email me your account and contact information to my hours are Monday-Friday 8a-5p PST, include your posting name in the subject line.Thanks, Tammy-AT&T Social Media Manager

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