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When upgrading to Pro speed DSL $38.00 a month the AT&T website tells that it is available for my address, so I upgraded from standard $14.95 a month, or so I thought.

It took three days of waiting for a response from AT&T, which did not come, until I decided to call the automated phone line and was told that my service ordered was ready the day before.

Little did they know that I always run speed tests, so I knew before I called a live operator, that my internet speed had NOT increased at all.

After about 45 minutes and two calls to technical support later, I asked to speak with a supervisor. The point of this, 10 minute waste of my time, complaint was basically this.....

I upgraded to your 3 meg internet service and I am not getting an increase in my speed.

I talked with two service techs and got no where but they kept telling me that My service is complete and they showed a weak signal. They did not know what to do so I asked for a supervisor....I was told, by this stupidadvisor that they would have to send out a technician to test all the wiring and there will be a charge to do this. I said There is nothing wrong with my wiring in my residence and i do not want my wiring checked and did not want to pay for this as my wiring is good inside my home.. Just check your wiring. Her reply was the service tech make all those decisions on charges, well can I talk to one? no they are basically gods and I being a low-life peon customer who was not good enough to talk with one until he came to present me with a bill I must pay blah blah blah your home is 1300 feet from their "Switch" and their parameter for service for my speed that I wanted was only available up to 900 feet blah blah blah blah so this is 400 feet too far. My signal was weak, and I might have to pay their tech to come out and test the wiring which could be bad on my inside of the apt. unit. I again replied, I am not going to pay a tech to check my inside wiring which is fine. What is to say that he screwed up your phone junction box and lies about it and says it's my jack, just so he can look like he is not an *** and bill me? I want them to come out and check their phone box that they screw up every time they install a new phone line for a new tenant here, and then I said besides I had this speed before for over two years, here at this same address, and it was fine, and if what you said earlier about the distance is true, then you should not have sold this service to me, or at the very least warned me that this could be a possibility. The "Supervisor'?? replied " Well you said that you had it before so that is not the problem. I said I KNOW That's not the problem!!! but your computer, that checked my address for the service, did not know which apt. unit I was in and had no idea if I had it before or not,but it did know how far from your "Switch" my address was so you are selling me a product that you don't believe will even work for me? and unless I performed a ping or speed test, I would not have even known that it didn't work? and why is a lower speed working here right now if I am too far? she tried to ignore that comment until I mentioned informing the FTC of what she, a supervisor, just stated to me. Also I said that I didn't think it was fair to charge me for a tech to come out and check their connections outside my home. She said that it was up to the tech to decide what they charge and if the problem is inside my house...This sounds like a scam to me they screw up the wiring on their end, say it was inside my home, and bill me? can't you just check your end and see first, without coming in and testing my inside jacks, which I already know function properly?, again she said "the technician makes that decision" (According to her technicians run AT&T and set the prices and control everything) This is a big scam in my opinion and all of you who work for or have someone close that works for this monopoly will defend them, I'm sure. Anyway something GOOD came out of all this.....I found out that I can get charter internet with over 4 times the speed as AT&T for less. See ya AT&T! You Suck! and don't appreciate long time customers with excellent credit with you. your too big to care about the little peon meaningless consumer you monstrous monopoly of ignorant employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Technical Support.

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Hi, I'm with AT&T and I'd like to help. Shoot me an email to with your account and contact number.

I can engage the necessary group to assist with your concern! Thanks - Social Media Manager NickT


I moved from chicago suburb to Chicago city. I has 2mbps Internet from At&t for $15.00

Now when i moved to chicago at&t said they have high speed internet for $30 6mbps. And to my nightmare I get only 512kbps speed.

Please help!!

John N

I keep reading about how ill-treated people are by AT&T and have thus ignored all the promotional mailings from them trying to get me to go with their internet service, etc. Altho I have AT&T for my landline, I have Charter cable for internet and am very, very satisfied with it. I would not get the Charter phone service, as friends of mine who had had it do NOT recommend it, but Charter cable is very good and reliable for me.

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