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My daughter and I went in to the AT&T store to upgrade my phone and to inquire about the $160 bundle plan which we saw advertised on TV. Our bills have generally been around $300 per month.

When the rep in the store looked over our bill, he said, "Wow, you have been paying too much. We can get your bill to below $200 easily." Then, the other rep looked at my 13-year old daughter and said, "Would you like a free iPad?" Well, what child wouldn't! They said it would only be an additional $10 per month for the iPad, so we accepted the offer and happily walked out of the store. After receiving our much-higher-than-ever bill, I discovered that we are paying for the iPad on an installment plan of $35 per month, plus insurance, plus other fees.

The "FREE" iPad will be costing us well over $700 when we finally own it. I went back into the store to complain. The guys who "scammed" us were not there. The other rep was of no help.

Then, I contacted AT&T several times through their "chat window," to absolutely no avail. We are trapped, because to terminate our contract with them will cost $1,900.

Once we are finished paying this, we are DONE WITH AT&T, SCAMMERS EXTRAORDINAIRE. Stay away from AT&T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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This is excatly what happened with me in Sep 2014, when I went back to the store to complain, they threatened to kick us out, although we did not cuss or even raise our voices because we were having our kids & we are 2 professionals.

We need to have a connection with all the people who experienced the same thing & file a class action lawsuit.


ATT - Greedy bastards. I'm going through the same bull ***.

I called customer service regarding major battery drain on my Samsung Galaxy S3, which began after they did an update. At the end of the call, the customer service rep was all giddy about letting me know about a new "Family Data Plan". If I switched, I would be saving $50 a month.

Excited, I agreed to the awesome deal.

Pissed now. My bill went from $180.00 a month to $280.00.


(I've been a customer with ATT for approximately 15 years.)

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