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on June 16th my wife got a text message ( see attachment) that stated that if we upgraded her phone to the new S7 that we would receive a gift card in the mail. on June 18th i called 611 and spoke to a lady and asked her how it worked.

her response was to upgrade the phone and the card would be mailed. i asked if we could do that over the phone as the closest store that could do it was an hour and a half from me and was told that they had to verify that my wife's phone was in good working order to do it. i said OK hung up an used att app to set and appointment for June the 19th. i arrived at the store on June 19th at the appointment time and was informed the systems were down and they could not do anything..

as we had just driven an hour and a half we decided to do a little shopping and to get some lunch. we checked back with the store before leaving and the systems were up. we started talking to the sales representative and asking how the promotion worked and were again told that all we had to do was upgrade the phone and the visa gift card for 100 would be sent to us though the mail. as my wife was doing her phone upgrade i started looking at tablets..

the manager came over and i asked the same question again and got the same answer. they did not have the phone my wife wanted in stock but the associate told us that if we paid for it he could have it shipped to us. we said that was phone. we got the new phone and sent the old one back ( it took them almost 3 weeks to get it for some reason).

everything was good we were just waiting the 30 to 45 days for the gift card. on sat. July 30th since we had not received the gift card yet i called in to check the status of it. i spoke to Tevryn Burke who tried to solve the problem but was unable to due to the fact that the department he needed to speak to was not open.

he informed me that he would call me back on Monday august 1st at 1230. at around 5 pm on Monday august 1st i called back into 611 due to the fact that i did not receive the phone call back. i was eventually transferred to the customer retention team... i was told they did see where i qualified for the gift card but they could not process the gift card due to the fact that the promotion was over and that i did not register online.

i asked what they meant register online and was told that my wife should have received a text message after the upgrade that would have her register online. i informed the lady that was not where we were told nor is that what the text message said. she put me on hold and came back and told me she could offer me 100 off my bill... i told her that was unacceptable as the promotion was for a 100 gift card i could use anywhere and the fact that i had already been on the phone for almost 3 hours to get this resolved and asked to speak with her supervisor.

after waiting for the supervisor to get the line i was told they had no way to issue the gift card. i told her that was unacceptable and that we need to figure out who above her could issue that gift card. she stated she did not know and that she would look into it and give me a call today august the 2nd at 2 pm. i waited until almost 330 pm with out receiving a phone call and called 611 back.

i spoke with Bradley who is a customer service rep in the customer retention team and was told he seen where we were available for the promotion but the best he could do was offer 100 off my bill. i informed him that that was not acceptable an that i had now been trying to resolve this situation for over 4 hours since sat. and asked to speak to his supervisor. after waiting almost 20 min i started speaking with Robert Delvecchio who is a floor supervisor .

he again said the best he could do was offer me 100 off my bill. i told him that was unacceptable and to please let me speak to his supervisor. he said that he would have his supervisor call me back 24 to 72 hours from now. i informed him that i had already had 2 people tell me they would call me and never got one.

he said that was the best he could do. i asked the name of his supervisor and he said he would not give me that information. i asked if there was a corporate number i could call and he said no.

at this point i have no choice but to wait for a mysterious manger to call me in the next 24 to 72 hours. i hope this issue gets resolved but i am not holding my breath.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: 100 visa gift card and something for the 4 hours so far i have spent trying to resolve this issue.

ATT Cons: Csr who do not do their job, Are the worst-so disappointed, Aloof managers and supervisor, Poor customer service.

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Lol I WISH someone gave me a 100 bucks off my bill. Dude just take the bill offer screw the gift cards you saved $100 and can spend it else where! Wasted days on the phone for that.


Holy ***. $100 off your phone bill means you could use that $100 you would have paid them on anything you want, just like a god *** gift card...

wow... Some people just HAVE to be difficult.

I understand you were suppose to get a $100 gift card, and it does say that *Terms and conditions apply, but these people ARE trying to help you and get you the $100. Quit being a *** and take the $100 off your bill and go buy yourself a gift card with it.

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