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AT&T quoted me a price for my internet and Directv services, I made a big mistake switching to this company one of their sales person came to my door to offer me their services. I was promised one price for both services, my bill is almost twice as high I called about 5 times with in one month to get my bill corrected, nobody seems to know anything.

I want to cancel both services but now they are telling me that I have a 2 year contract with Directv.

I am very upset I refuse to pay early termination fees and I do not want this to go into my credit report. Please do not go with AT&T

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: I want to cancel the services without paying early termination fees .

ATT Cons: Manager at call center refusing to help.

  • Worst Company Around
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AT&T brings back nightmarish memories spending hours on the phone with their hideous infinite loop customer service from 90's. unfortunately they are getting big again, bringing back the nightmare for new generations: slowly creeping up surcharges, continually adding Nicke and dime fees then the big FU's with horrendously insulting customer service. God help us all!!!


Wait until you have to deal with:

- Service technicians that don't get to your house during the appointed 4 hour window due to "overload".

- The tremendously annoying "on-hold" commercials for AT&T for the waiting time you invest trying to get through to someone to complain.

- The new four hour window they give you to waste another 1/2 day.

- The script they have to read from that adds considerable time to your call when all you want to do is resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and, yes, the difficulty in understanding the accents.

For a service industry, they do not not really appear interested in the customer satisfaction or experience at all.

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