Madison, Alabama
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Have to call each of 7 months since having "bundle" -- followed customer service rep instructions to send back one of 3 receivers I did not need and was still in box and plastic bag--took to UPS office as instructed by AT&T Phillipino--got printed receipt fromUPS and gave info from receipt to AT&T Phillipino in each of following SIX calls made each time I received monthly bill==AT&T still billing me %30.00 for THREE receivers when I have only ONE extra receiver which should be extra $10.00 per month--on most recent call to ATT customer service (someone in Miami answered and said there was NO NOTE whatsoever that I had ever called AT&T customer Service!!! & different Customer Service (AT&T) reps did not even write down information that I gave them--they will NOT give out their last names of course, but I do have all notes I took during each conversation--Meanwhile, this shoddy CHEAT of a :company/business is overbilling me each and every month and even charging me late fees and even turned off my services and billed mme $35.00 EXTRA for reconnection after their customer service reps told me to "only pay a certain amount and it would not mean a past due but would be corrected on next billing!!!!

What on earth to do to contend with this horrid business practices?????? Person in Miami I spoke with on July 18 (name "Earny he said) told me I needed to call back to 800-288-2020 customer service ATT # and get a "ESCALATION # ---- how is AT&T allowed to continue to do business, let alone MERGE with another cable provider??????

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