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I used the AT&T online chat representative to select all needed features prior to taking a trip to Mexico. I specifically asked what plans I needed and if there was anything I needed to do prior to leaving the country.

I returned to two international calls from at &t when I called on 3/31 to resolve the issues. I spent 2 hours on the phone with several representatives including a full analysis of my phone, data, and text usage. They changed all my features including the supposed international feature. I woke up on 4/1 to no data.

The international feature was never resolved. I spoke with Kenneth Phillips who was rude and said he could not prove I called in the day before to resolve the issue. I asked to speak with his supervisor, Ruth Montelonto, who was equally rude, and she said I had incurred $2,000 in data charges while I was in Mexico and that I needed to set up a $200 plan to cover the charges. The representatives the day before told me that I should have been given the right information when I reached out to the online chat person.

Kenneth said I should have called in to resolve the issue because a "live" representative would have told me how to avoide the charges. Incredibly frustrated with the time involved (3+) hours and additional charges. In addition, when I requested that Ruth transfer me to her supervisor she said she could not do that.

She could not provide me with a reciept of our discussion and she could not give me her supervisor's number for Juan Alas. Incredibly dissappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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yup I hear ya...but guess what? ALL the international providers charge you like that...not just at&t...t-mobile and other carriers overseas are one in the same...turn off your phone when you go international or charges will hit...cheaper to buy prepaid in your country of travel 8) AND word to the wise....go to a store in person in ALMOST always better than over the phone MUCH better than online cust serv.

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