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I called AT&T and asked to add tethering to my phone, but made sure before making any additions, that I would not lose my unlimited data plan. I was assured that I wouldn't and my account was noted.

One week later when I canceled the tethering (because it stinks), I was told that I could not have my unlimited plan back. After numerous phone calls, I have decided to cancel my account, after 10 years of service. Very disappointing experience. Their loss.

Too many other companies out there to stress over AT&T's poor customer service. They read over my account notes and still would not give me my unlimited plan back.

I have 4 phones on my account and pay my bill on line before I even receive it in the mail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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Ok, who's had to deal with AT&T lately?  Last month I received a nastygram from them accusing me of tethering.  I called.  They 'detected activity' on me.  I filed with the FCC...

According to Jean, office of the president, after talking to the billing office, they have determined that due to the AMOUNT of data used I must be tethering. No, I have an unlimited plan and listen to iheartradio and 5-0 radio around the clock.. (plus Facebook).  

If I don't immediately drop my use, they'll switch me to a 2 gig tethering plan...  FCC didn't do anything so far, where do I take it next?  Including class action


On July 8th I logged on to my wireless account and upgraded my phone to an iPhone 4. Even though I did not previously have a smartphone, At&T offered me an unlimited data plan during the upgrade process, which I jumped on of course.

Well, when I received the phone and attempted to activate it, I was told I couldn't have unlimited data and that it was never offered to me! Really???? Luckily, I had printed everything during the upgrade process. I went to a corporate AT&T store and showed the manager.

Guess what???? He didn't give a hoot and told me to send the phone back if I didn't like it! What a total ***! Great customer service!

I have clear documentation printed directly from the AT&T website with all my information on it, and they say, "tuff." I have spoken with 13 "Customer Care Reps." hahaha, just the name makes me laugh, just to be told AT&T never offered me unlimited data. I have a screen shot of the offer taken with the stinkin' iphone they sent me, plus all the printed screen shots and a receipt; but NOOOOOOO they never offered unlimited to me! Unbelievable! Oh it gets even better; I did a mock upgrade for my son's phone and guess what.....yep, you guessed it.....AT&T offered him "unlimited data." Of course, they say they never offered it, (even though I have print screens showing otherwise.) Well, today I spoke with someone from the "President's office", don't know what that is supposed to mean, and low and behold, someone (can't imagine who.....) removed the unlimited option when he tried to perform a mock upgrade for my son.

Good thing I printed the offer before AT&T removed it. They are liars, plain and simple.


ATT lied to me also.. I have never been late or missed a payment or had to put in a down payment Ever.....I have had internet and a home line for over 3 years...and uverse with them for 1 year..

They told me I needed a 600 deposit for an iphone... Why?? I have never needed to put a deposit before?? And there has been nothing wrong with my credit what so ever...

They told me a Higher Up would call me with in 72 hours to clear this up... ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS....

WHen are You gong to call?????? Thats just poor business...


At&t lied to ME too. I had the Samsung Eternity with unlimited data plan.

About a year ago I read in the newspaper that AT&T would no longer offer unlimited data plans to new customers or to current customers that do not already have unlimited data plans. The newspaper article said that anyone with an unlimited data plan would be grandfathered in. I went to the AT&T corporate store with the newspaper article. They looked up my account and told me that I have no problem, and that I would be grandfathered into the plan because I have a smartphone and an unlimited data plan.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade to a droid. Imagine my surprise when I was told that I was NOT grandfathered into the unlimited plan, and that, because my phone had slower internet speeds than a "true" smartphone, that it was considered to be a "media" phone, not a smartphone. I then called AT&T who told me that I was originally given the wrong information. I asked to speak to a supervisor who said the same thing and said there is nothing they can do.

I do not believe that I was originally given the wrong information--I believe that AT&T is now lying through their teeth and doing everything conceivably possible to remove as many people as possible from the unlimited data plan.

So, after being a loyal AT&T customer for several years I cancelled my service and got an unlimited data plan with VERIZON, and also got the iphone 4. Now that Verizon sells the iphone 4, there is nothing holding anyone to AT&T.

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