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I went to the local AT&T store at 20335 Biscayne BLVD in Aventura to pay my bill, I noticed an extra charge spoke with Rep who provided excellent explanation and addressed the issue. Manager LINDA JEAN looked at the account over the rep's shoulder, said in a VERY loud voice:

"I DID NOT CHANGE THIS!!!, referring to a to a change in telephone number that she accused me of the next day after the account was set up. This generated an extra charge which was the reason I was asking the rep to look into the statement. She further went on to say again in a very loud voice:


At this point I calmly asked Ms. Jean to please not yell at me, as I was not yelling at her.

At this point the rep named Maria who opened my account initially, overheard us she ended up helping me and taking care of the problem.

I am amazed that LINDA JEAN is the manager, she has 0 people skills and talks to people in the most derogatory manner. It's obvious that the employees there have to work around her to take care of their customers.

I would like to be contacted by an AT&T rep who I know frequent these boards.

I am not looking to have a bill adjusted or any other type of "freebie" I want to how this person will be made aware of the way she treats people.

Customer rep Maria should be the manager, I am amazed she can work under those conditions...

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

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Hi-Can you provide the details of your account to include your account number along with best contact number and a description of your troubles we can get your concerns escalated for resolution. Please email

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