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We have been an AT&T wireless customer for over 15 years. We went to add a new line to our wireless account on 5/11/2012 and were told there was a mismatch with the soc sec number and given a number to call.

We went home and called the number which was Social Security. It takes many minutes to get a person from Social Security to answer the phone, about 20 minutes wait. After explaining the purpose of the call and spending about 10 minutes in the explanation and then the verification Social Security had no mismatch and they had no problem with the information. We went back to a different AT&T store and they tried again to add a line and this time the sales person said problem seemed to be with Equifax having a mismatch and gave us the Equifax phone number.

He also told us I had no credit rating, I was dead. Naturally Equifax is not open on weekends and only is open 8-5 during the business week so I tried their on-line method and it takes many days to hear back via the internet. Bright and early on Monday morning I called Equifax and they confirmed there is no problem with my name/social security number/ etc and there should be no problem. I headed to the first AT&T store and tried again to add the line.

No way could I add a line, this time I heard that there was a mix-up in the second and third number of the social security so instead of 123 it was 132 and the rest was correct. I had to show the sales person my social security card and have a picture ID. I was furious as I don't carry my Social Security card. I left for the third time and went home and called AT&T.

I had a very sympathetic employee who spent at least an hour with me trying to figure out how and when the two digits were transposed. It was done by an AT&T employee some time after 2009 when I successfully added a line and 2012. A customer cannot change the social security number AT&T has on record only AT&T can enter that field. My social security number was changed by someone at AT&T and all I wanted was for them to correct their mistake but they refused.

They admitted they made the mistake but they would not correct the problem. The only way it could be corrected was by going to one of their stores and showing one of the employees my social security card along with a picture ID. They can't change social security numbers on their files for the customer's security. I argued that they obviously did change a customer's social security number and they should correct their mistake.

I was passed to the supervisor who again spent about 40 minutes with me and admitted their mistake but they would/could not correct it as they protect a customer's soc sec number, which again I said they didn't as they changed mine. All I wanted was for them to correct their mistake. I was forced to bring my soc sec card in and show it along with a picture ID and then answer questions by two different departments. I wasted about 8 hours.

My social security number has been the same for over 40 years and was the same until some AT&T employee changed it, probably by mistake but AT&T changed it and they should correct their mistake. Also, they should have given me the problem on the first visit and not have made me run in circles and make a total of four visits to their store and more than an hour talking to their employees.

Also, there is no way I can lodge a complaint on the AT&T website, I have to trust the people with whom I spoke on the phone will pass along my complaint. AT&T should fix their software and not let employees mistakenly change a long time customer's social security number, and if they do mistakenly change it, the software should catch this or they should fix their error, I am furious.

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Well Kevin, I did as you suggested back on May 21 and as of June 18 I have heard nothing from AT&T regarding the email I sent. I didn't even get a canned message telling me they received my email.

I was afraid that by placing my handle in the subject line my email would be discarded and that seems like what happened. AT&T is getting worse.

It has bad customer service. I have not heard one thing regarding my suggestion that AT&T correct their own mistakes without making their customers spend literally hours fixing AT&T's mistakes.


I do not understand why?ATT CUSTOMERCARE WANT'S THEIR CUSTOMER'S TO CONTACT THEM.They never solve the problem.ALL they do is i will get back to you as soon as i speak to other's about what ever the matter is.Such a waste of time.WHY?WASTE TIME.I only know of one company that truely help's their customer's.And that is LAUREN SOCIALMEDIA@TXU.COM.SHE REALLY CARE'S AND SHE REALLY HELP'S CUSTOMER'S WITH THEIR PROBLEM'S.


Kevin, I think AT&T should change their policy and when they change a users social security number albeit by mistake, they should correct their error. After a decade or more an AT&T employee changed my social security number and they were allowed to do this by AT&T's software.

AT&T should correct their error and not force a customer to make four trips to their store and hours on the AT&T line and finally require the customer to bring in their social security card and ID.

It is ridiculous, change your policy and correct your mistakes. I will be happy when you change your policy and correct your own mistakes.


Hello PME11. My name is Kevin and I'm with AT&T.

We do deeply regret to hear about your recent experience with AT&T and apologize for the mishap. For any other questions and concerns please email and place your handle in the subject line.

Thanks. Kevin AT&T Social Media Manager

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