Nashville, Tennessee

On September 11th my home phone service was disconnected, because I was VERY dissatisfied with the monthly bills I was receiving. However, since I had been a longstanding customer, I opted to continue on with AT&T and called to have my service restored.

As of TODAY, not only have I paid TWO fifty dollar deposits (one has been credited back) one has not and I STILL am unable to resolve with anyone at your company why I have no home phone service. The real problem is that I had a bilateral mastectomy( removal of both breast) on September because I have Stage 3 breast cancer, I have a Medicaid cell phone, which I am only issued 250 minutes a month and have had to pay additional money on because I am on the phone at LEAST an hour and forty-five minutes EACH day I have called with STILL no resolution. I have not been able to get my original number of 615-316-0055 back.

I callled the same day September 11th when and was charged 50 dollars which was taken out of my checking account the very next day. The confirmation number for my phone payment deposit was given to me as 3P87CSR1YO1WY57 AND THE ORDER NUMBER N982P0L0, AND a new home number of 615 316 7750, and assured my phone would be on "no later than midnight." Not even close to the truth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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My senior and medically challenged dad had his home line stolen and turned into a cellular line through T-Mobile and Sprint Boost on September 21, 2015. Nothing ever resolved to this day, even after speaking to Eric Watts.

What a joke! Now thief's are trying to open accounts in his name and police reports filed. AT&T, I hope your aging parents have endure the same situation some day! The worst service ever.

Even filed complaints with FTC and yet to hear back from anyone!


Yeah, Eric pretty much sucks.


Att has the worst service if any company..the uverse and cell phone is not any different..our bill was never correct

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