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the wireless at&t navigator with telenav download is a trap!,those who have the same problem with at&t navigator and charge them with excessive bill ,we got to unite and complain,because they say you got no plan on the navigator but you got media net in order to pull the maps,they charge you separetely for using your navigator gps,these doesn't stop here now everytime you use your normal media net for internet it will be billed as gpr out you pay per kilobyte,check your at&t bill people.,they will lie to you from start to end.....

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I just found this site. I work in a call center.

I can tell you that ATT Navigator uses the internet, so it's "suggested" to have a data plan. It uses approx 4.68 kb per mile, and avg cust request 35 miles per mo. So data cahrges would be approx 1.65.

Media net is extra at 0.01 per kb usage charge. If you get no help, ask for a manager, we are required to give you one.

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