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Reluctantly, I signed up to have AT&T internet installed in my new home. Only because they were the only available provider in my neighborhood.

Set up an appointment -- closest appointment was one week away before they could get somebody out to my house.

Today was that day. Appointment between 1-3 p.m. No call. No show.

Called to ask what the issue was and first operator couldn't help had to transfer to another department. That department said there was some problem between AT&T and my home that would not allow me to get service today. They would have to reschedule. Before I could get angry and reschedule, i got disconnected. Conveniently.

Called back and got more apologies, but they would have to reschedule the next available appointment. When is that? Three more days.

So far been on the line with them for an hour still trying to expedite the installation.

How about the integrity of missing work to be home for an appointment by a major company like AT&T. No respect for the customer and they really don't care. Saying sorry 30 times doesn't fix the poor customer service and the fact that they are obviously working with unreliable third-party services and technicians.

I only wish I had another option for internet because I would never give AT&T a dime -- for anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Installation.

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Today I arrived home from work to find an AT&T service technicians truck blocking my driveway. There were two trucks in my cul-de-sac, each one blocking 2 driveways, one of which was mine of course. I had no idea where to even start looking for these people. Whether they were in someone's house, duplex, apartment, or perhaps digging *** somewhere. I honked my horn a couple of times and no response of course. I really didn't want to get out of my car because it's raining and cold, but had to so I could go knock on all 30 of my neighbors doors to ask if the "lazy" AT&T people were there. On top of that I had my 6 year old daughter with me which means I couldn't just leave her unattended with my car running to keep her warm, so I bundled her all up and the search began.

After going to 8 neighbors houses I just happened to see a guy standing in a lot behind a four plex. I stared for a minute because he wasn't wearing high visibility colors or anything and he was about a block away. My daughter and I headed that way and as we got closer I saw another person kneeling down working in a box. I hollered, "Hey, you're blocking my driveway". Response being "I'll move my truck here in just a minute".

Screw that it's raining, my daughter is whining because she's wet and cold and this *** Off wants me to wait a minute when a coworker is standing next to him with his thumb up his ***. NOTE: there are several "No Parking" signs up and down the street. So I said, "No You need to move it now, that's not a *** parking space". The guy working gets up and drags his feet to his truck with his lazy pal and pulls forward about 8 feet, which just blocked my neighbors driveway instead of mine.

I pulled into my driveway and look up the block to see half it's length has no cars parked on it (the side of the street you're allowed to park on).

These JackOffs were too lazy to walk an extra half block from their trucks to where they were working. They each only had a small tool belt to carry. There wasn't any big equipment, no work material, nor another excuse to be blocking my drive besides the FACT- they were too Lazy to walk 20 extra steps.


went thru samething except they turned service on phone and internet off for 3days said they had to so they could connect u-verse. told them to cancel it.


Hi I'm with AT&T. Sorry to hear about the initial experience regarding your missed install.

Please send me an e-mail to ATTAnthonyG@att.com with Capn23 in the subject line in order for us to link it to the case I have started for your situation. Within the body of the e-mail include a good contact number and time you can be reached in order for us to get you taken care of.

Thank you. Anthony G ATTCustomercare

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