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AT&T was supposed to provide dsl service for my home. The cost was 19.99 per month.

They sent a modem but did not include an installation disk. We contacted them every week for four months before I demanded to pseak to a supervisor. I spent over an hour on the phone waitng to speak to the depart ment to get the disk. I finaly was directed to tech support who talked me through the programming process to activate the dsl service.

This was in November of 07, we purchased and paid for service begining in June of 07. The account was activated in Nov, on the 18th. The service was functional for 23 days. In January we began to call to get the modem replaced after we had a service technician test the modem in our home, he said it was not operational and that it needed to be replaced and he called to getsomeone to get us a new one.

We did not get a new one as stated in ten business days. I began to call everyday and soon realized that I was spending alot of time on hold. So I hung up and waited until the next day to cal AT&T back and timed the amount of time I was on hold. I did this from the 5th of Jan 08 until March 15th 08.

The minimum amount of time I was on hold was an hour and a half. From the 8th of Jan until the 15th of March I was on hold for over 216 hours on hold. When we dropped their service and demanded a refund they sent us around to various departments until we got to the special department that deals with people who threaten to sue. They said they would look into our issue and return call us within 48 hours.

Two weeks later we received a phone call that we would only be refunded $20 becasue they only had 3 calls logged from us. So, if any one has had the same issue or any issue that involves spending hundreds of hours on hold with no results and they took over 90 days of payments and did not refund any or all of your money, contact the Ohio FCC, BBB, and the Attorney Generals Office. I am seeking to start a class action law suit against AT&T for fraud and unethical business practices. What you need to do is take down names and numbers of sections/departments and the person you spoke to.

Document your time spent on hold, this can be done by looking at your phone bill and your cell phone bill.

I can be reached at flacoinohio@netscape.net for anyone interested in taking legal action against AT&T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Installation.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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I have had the problem with them placing mt phone , internet, and directt.v. as they first told me I was elgible for and my bill would be 130.00 a month .

I got my phone and internet placed together but I am being billed seperlatlyfo my directt.v.

When I called them back on the issue they told methat they weren't doing direct T.V. anymore.

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