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We are new AT&T customers and I've discovered that the exact problem we have with AT&T now is the same problem that happened to a co-worker, so I wouldn't be surprised if it has happened/is happening to others.

Since we live in an area that gets awful cell reception and internet, we called AT&T to see if things can be improved. They said they had to cancel our current account in order to create a new one for the new internet (which was never necessary with our past internet providers). Now we are getting two bills for two separate accounts because they never canceled the first account. I am going in to the AT&T store to talk to the rep.

However in the case of my co-worker, he has gone back and forth with AT&T for about 5 months. They kept telling him they canceled his account (with an early termination fee of over $100 of course) and he kept receiving two bills. He went to the store to talk to the rep several times and finally he was angry enough that they magically fixed the problem finally.

I hope to fix this problem before it continues. And the reason we joined AT&T in the first place is because they had a deal where if you signed up with them and enrolled in automatic payments, they will give you a discount as well as one landline for the home. They never enrolled us in automatic payments and have continually charged with with late fees. We have contacted customer service about this problem and they have continually not fixed the problem.

Maybe AT&T has untrained employees, but it sure feels like they are a criminal company. I would never recommend AT&T for any service to anyone. Hope this helps you if you are in a similar situation.

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Nshadowsong - I am very sorry about what has happened with your billing. I will be happy to assist you with this right away.

Can you please send me an email with your account number and contact information?

My email address is - in the subject line please put Nshadowsong Pissedconsumer. Thank you, Nancy AT&T Customer Care Manager

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