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AT&T does not handle it's own customer service at all. They subcontract all their service complaints to other businesses such as Alorica, Inc. and Consolidated Marketing Response in order not to deal with any and all complaints directly. These subcontractors have websites you can search for.

The people who work for these small businesses have no training to troubleshoot technical issues nor the real power to help any customer to full satisfaction. However the people who work for these small businesses are emotionally abused if they can't make sales quotas, they work long hours and are blamed for AT&T's shortcomings.

My wife works for one of these subcontractors and she has cronic health problems and their abuses are making her medical condition worse. She is also over the age of 50, which tells you they don't care about older workers at all.

She told me that AT&T, however calls back the customers that call customer service and if that customer does not say these exact words "I am very satisfied with the service I received" AT&T will have the representative penalized, even though the customer says they were satisfied.

So when you call AT&T bear this in mind, your not speaking to AT&T and your being lied to right from the beginning, and most of your issues will probably not be resolved and innocent people who don't even know how to help you will be abused when you complain.

I strongly urge people to boycott all AT&T's products and services until they stop their abusive practices against the consumers and the people they subcontract to take complaint calls from people they will not help.

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Most of the credits that don't get applied are because of new employees that don't know how to give the credit in the system correctly, so the customer has to call back to get it corrected


AT&T runs double books like the Mafia and BOOKey operataions.

They have computer software that randomly selects people to add fraudelent charges 'jack up' their bills your option is to deal with subcontractors that are unable correct the offense and AT&T gets to steal from you.

The subcontractors yes are placed in a difficult position....they are unable to resolve the problem... but you are also subject to a contractor that is working a scam operation on their own and finding out relative private information that can be used for identity theft.

AT&T should be held liable...

Keith P

I use to think that myself until I started to read about the huge class action lawsuit against them. Then I read many of the post written here and at other sites where people were not receiving the credits on their accounts they were promised.

I put two and two together and have seen for myself what is really going on. I was also informed just yesterday that my story about AT&T was reported a few years back as well by another person.

The people at these call centers are doing their jobs the best they can, however that does not mean that the credits they promise people are not being blocked by AT&T itself.

In the meantime, these subcontractor workers are being emotionally abused by AT&T itself for issues they cannot possibly resolve because they don't have the ability. This is not only unethical but very evil at best.

This emotional abuse on these subcontractor workers can also cause medical issues on some. It can aggrivate diabeties and cause post tramatic stress disorder.


I don't think they subcontract the support and sales services to deceive people but rather than to save cost. Many companies saves thousands if not million of dollars this way.

Keith P

AT&T may not be the only company that uses these deceptive practices. I believe that many corporations are putting into practice subcontracting to deliberately deceive people who call for customer service. :(

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