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I have been a good costomer for 30 years or more. Pay my bills on time.

In Jan 2012 I paid my bill in full, $108.47, in Feb. I received one bill, but I ususally received 2 bills, one for my Fax account and one for my home telephone service, I paid what was charged then added more money to equal January's bill and even added a couiple dollars. Then in March I get a letter saying I am behind and I better pay up or I will have my phone service stopped. After hours of being on the phone trying to talk to someone, I spoke with someone whom I thought understood everything and took care of everything.

Then I received a refund then I received another bill stating I am behind. I discovered your company can't transfer funds from one account to another. My husband gets on the phone, experiencing the same lengthy wait to actually talk to someone. The agent gets my husband to pay what your company wanted by credit card.

My husband was so sick of the entire affair, he agreed to pay just to end the deal. Today 4-17-2012, I receive a bill saying I owe $158.37 which I do not owe and I will not pay. Fortunately I do not need your service and have cancelled so you cannot disconnect.

I will report this to everyone I know and hopefully you will loose many costomers because you are nothing but a bunch of thieves and are totally incompotent. Lois reilly

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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Dear Anonymous,

I am sorry to hear that you had such a hard time with your billing. I will be happy to assist you with this issue and get it resolved for you. Please email me the account details and a number where I can reach you. I am available M-F 7:00-4:00 CST. My email address is

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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at$t cheated the heck of me, with my home phone service. putting internet charges on my phone, when I don't even have a computer.

3 times I got it took off, and 3 time they put it back on, and my bill went up. They lied on the commercial saying it was just supposed to be $14.99 a month, it went from that to $109.00 a month or more. Plus long distance suppose d to be free, I was being charged for that too. Even when I don't called long distance they still charged me.

That's why I dropped them back in 2009, and got witha real home phone service, and cell phone service.

That don't cost me little of nothing, compared to them suckers. People thet get home phone service with at&t, and cell phones with those peopel just don't know what they're getting into.

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