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Point of the story is: AT&T is NOT into helping the small business owner succeed, they will lie and scam you to get what they want ($$$) and when they do not get what they want, they will use their muscle to sue you into submission. I suggest to NEVER deal with AT&T advertising and NEVER believe what they say.

See my story below:

I am a small business owner and was convinced to sign up for the Pay Per Call yellow pages advertising 2 years ago. It is basically a program where they design an ad and then you pay every time someone calls you from that ad (anywhere from $12 - $34 in my case).

After many initial problems, not least of which my "sales guy" never returning my phone calls with questions, I was finally directed to someone who helped and was temporarily satisfied, with the intention of cancelling at the contract end. Very shortly afterward, I was contacted by a new rep about the following year and told her I was not interested. She was persistent and got me to sign up for another year, promising it was better.

Long story short, they changed the rules mid term (said they contacted me, but never did) and started charging for fake calls. I tried and tried to get satisfaction but never have to this date. My bill was well over $3,000 and after months of discussions with customer service it is now $1,000. I think it should be about $250, but offered to pay $750 (of which they have said is impossible, so now I am not willing to pay even that much). They have sent my account to a lawyer to try and collect. The account manager I was working with has failed to return my latest e-mail and I am willing to go to court to settle this matter (hope it costs them THOUSANDS!).

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Deal.

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I tried Pay per call I had a call tracking number from Callrail.com and found out that they really do call the number with fake call and I have proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If anyone has any information they can provide regarding Pay Per Call, please contact me as soon as possible. rhodenlawoffice@gmail.com (417) 258-0426 or (901) 246-4464 or Facebook/ Summer Michelle Rhoden, Fayetteville, Arkansas


Not only are these AT&T people thieves & liars, but the company that they sold their directory business to, YP, just outsourced the books to INDIA! Hundreds of hardworking Americans across the country are now unemployed thanks to the greedy execs at YP.

Please don't support outsourcing of American jobs! Just say no to YP's products!


3 Years with pay per call and the sales man is a BIG FAT LIAR He must be on Commission? I have Refuse to Pay for 60% of Hang Up Calls and call report number were all X Block What a Big Let Down Don"t Advertise With Them You can Email me if needed futuresonics55chev@att.net


Liars, liars, liars... The worst decision i ever made


My experiance is very similar to the rest of the stories. 99% of the call were looking for work or telemarketing.

only one call came direct to me and did not relate to my business the other call were redirected call, which i'm sure was from another advertiser who was not happy...

I am thinking about filing a class action law suit. if you were scammed by pay per call from AT&T please feel free to e-mail me kindercofixers@att.net


The worst decision I ever made in my life, no doubt! The pay per call thing is just a way to steal money.

The only thing I got from it was a thousand of calls from telemarketing, with all the annoying calls i got a huge bill to pay. BIG SCAM


I do not recommend AT&T pay-per-call. My number in Riverside county was referred to someone looking for someone in Modesto (8 hours away).

The caller was confused as to why she was getting someone so far away. My guess is the AT&T system simply looked for a related business, but I should not be charged for an AT&T referral that was inappropriate. In this day and age, it should not be hard for their system to refer to someone in the area, or inform them there are no current listings.

Not renewing. My friend (who let me know about the service) has also had more problems because he was given a "recycled" number and was getting wrong number calls all the time.


AT&T did contact me and they did reverse the charges to something more reasonable after I posted my review here. Hope their policy changes for future advertisers.


The pay per call ads are imo designed on the backside to cram charges.

NO WAY can ATT be that blind - imo - it's yet another large corporations design to swindle money.

I stopped paying for position and for print ads long ago because they are not worth the money for us. So they came at us a few years later with the pay pay call........

1 - They tell you you can hang up prior to 18 seconds and not be charged - A) I have charges for calls less than 18 seconds, and B) it is IMPOSSIBLE to greet a customer, hear what they have to say (even a sentence) and hang up if it is a "bad" call within 18 seconds.

2 - Our number in a print (in the book) ad was recycled from a previous year from another advertiser, so we received many $88/call calls from the services that firm offered... which we did not.

3 - When you searched on yp.com for ANY of the services we provided, we were pages back.... pages.

But wait a minute... that's how we'd get good calls right? Being found when folks search for the services we provide. The only way we could be found was by typing our name.... but then this is an $88 per call white page ad.........

Yet when you typed in our company name and ANYTHING such as (my co. name) spaceships, or lunar vacations.... anything after our name.... we'd pop up in ALL 3 sponsored spots....

So of course, in pour calls for services that were not even remotely close to what we provided.

Worse yet - other site pull from yp.com... so you come up on other sites under incorrect offerings... with the number that charges per call.

I organized all of it, presented it to my rep... all of the sudden I get a new rep... who then tries to put me back in sponsored positions on yp.com.....

Which is what didn't work before....

I said no way, just turn off my yp.com presence and get my bill corrected (from the $3000 it is, to the $350-ish it should be).

Been 6 months - dozens of calls, dozens of e-mails, and the bills just keep rolling in.

IMO ATT advertising solutions is nothing more than snake oil sales.

It is AMAZING they can get away with this fraud on such a large scale.

Stay far and clear from it


I'm sorry you're having such a hard time! I'm with AT&T and saw your post.

If you'd like to email me at ATTJenn@ATT.com with your account

number, contact number, and

handle from this site, I'd be glad to get you some help. I’m here Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm CST.

Thanks! –Jenn S.

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