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AT&T had CITI Bank send out Pension Checks. They sold out to Fidelity Service Center:


They refuse to send check in timley fashion. Reported this to them 6-7 times, with different story told to us about why it has not arrived, 7-8 times now.

At end of month 27-31st , the pension funds arrive for many years. just fine.

This new group takes it over at the beginning of this year and NO Check. we had to wait 8 business days to report NO check, for new one to be issued. Still NO check and they said it would be here by 20th, then 23rd, but STILL nothing arrives.

It has been 3+ weeks and nothing but excuses.

This group fraud's people. It only takes 1-2 days to send a check out. They have every excuse in the book. Why does AT&T company have this group delay and or fraud me?

Many years of having our funds sent to our door and now this Fidelity Service Center is playing games, holding our funds and most likely many thousands of Old folks like me are now suffering because this group is making millions of interest by holding people funds from them.

Being 77 yrs old, WHY do banks do this to retired people?

I deserve to be paid interest on my funds they are holding. I am sure they are stiffing 10's of thousands of people. My first call, the Lay said they are receiving plenty of these calls.

They said it was Holiday, then it was weekends, then it was MKL Day and now to wait another 7-10 days. I can not pay my bills and they have cost me a bounced check as well.

I am OLD and count on my little 300 in pension funds. Why do they beat an elderly person down, with lies?

Somebody! Help !!

Attorney Generals Office? FTC?

Who can help?

AT&T 1800-736-7779

My name is Ardele Thompson - in Texas

plan: CB Q-059-168

Why does this company treat me this way? I am handicapped and can not do anything but call and they keep lying to me, on the phone.

Please help! I can not get help from them and they are not sending my funds I am entitled to and have earned! I can not buy my Medications and pay my bills, with out my money due me.

Can ANYBODY? call them and tell them to send out my funds? PLEASE!! Help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I would like to know if this company is legitimate?

I got papers and sent them in and they got them but now they have given me the reason for delay is that the papers were not filled out correctly?

Now i have gotten the second batch of papers to find out the amount for monthly payments has been cut in half!!!!

I don't get it?

I want the money that is due me as of 12/01/2011.

What is the hang up with my receiving the payments I chose months ago?

I am totally dumbfounded with all this...

but I will not give up until I receive the money I am entitled to!

I called the 800 # before midnight on a week night and didn't get an answer?

:? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?


AFTER these couple months,it looks like they have straightened it out.

Still hearing plenty of excuses and out and out lies.

I guess it is easy for them to lie to people on the phone,while trying to look good,as if there is no problem.

It held us an extra month and they could have sent out funds in days, to cancel the check? they "said" they mailed, 4 extra times.

After 10 days+ they lied 3 more times and nothing came, then 20 days later,(or so) 1 did come, WELL after ALL the lies about next day,next week, just a few more days.

What happened companies being honest?

It looked to be settled,BUT if this problem rears it's UGLY head again, I will not call nor write, we will go straight to Lawyer and file to the courts.

How dare they to lie to Elderly people that count on retirement funds! to pay there bills on time.

I do not lie. We will drag there cheating dirty balls right to the court house, you can bet my cane and false teeth on it !


During the months of Jan. Feb.

March and April 2012 I received my pension checks either on the first of the month or earlier by direct deposit to my bank account.

However, here it is May 3 and no deposit of my check for May. What happened?


Thanks for help.

We only get a loop system, of Fidelity Center associates and the same numbers to call, that get us nowhere at all. 1 month of excuses and they provide no help, just lies and excuses.

I am sure there are 10's of thousands that are and or will be treated in such a manor. I am guessing they are also gaining Millions in Interest $'s, from holding pension funds from people owed.

This has to be some sort of scam from upper corporate. Holding funds that have for years and years arrived by the 27-30th of each month and now they say it is sent by then and all to arrive by the 1st. This is not true this month and for now this month of Jan, we have been calling since the end of Dec to make sure all was going right from this New Fidelity group. We now see that with a dozen calls, they not only do not send the first one, but hold for 8+ business days to "say" they are producing a new check and then nothing arrives. Now it is another 3-4 days to send another expedited check, which is now to say 3 attempts to send 1 payment? COME ON !!!! what a pile this is.

I am not able to see what the problem is. I am sure they are doing this to thousands and making millions from this type of poor business policy. Hold up peoples pension and then gain $$$ from the fake confusion, while people are sitting there trying to pay there bills and by there Medications and such. This is are re-tired years and we have to go through this?

Is this what the world is bringing us?

We worked hard to get things right and do for our children and this is how we are treated?

Thanks for any help we can be offered.

Best regards,

Ardele Thompson


Hello Ardele I had not heard from you and wanted to make sure you had my correct email address which is Thanks, Mollica, AT&T, Social Media Manager


Thanks so much!

I am not able to get around and know little about these issues.

? 8 times to speak to this Fidelity Center and many excuses. It seems like they are making up anything they can to delay my funds. I have nothing else to pay my small bills and no a bounced CK fee, because they said it will be here any day.

It should only take a couple days to get my funds and now almost 4 weeks beyond the proper time.

I had no problems with AT&T Pension center, sending my funds and now this new group arrives and look what is going on.

If it is happening to me, then i would expect it is going to happen to people who are working there now.

There should be no excuses to hold an older persons pension funds from them.

Telling people it is the Postal mail people, then the Holidays, then weekends, then MLK Day and what is next?

I hope they are not going to tell me Santa Claus took it.

My February check has not arrived and i am now in trouble for ck fee and now an extra 16 dollars for the over 5 day late fee.

This is all because of this AT&T/Fidelity Service Center people.

It makes me cry.

I spent decades to get a little small pension and i am broke and now in trouble after 77 years old, this should not be happening.

I have paid all my bills on time and raised two children and all the while,as a single mother.

Why do they do this to me?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Very best regards to you and your family,

Ardele Thompson :sigh


Hi Ardele, I am so sorry to hear about all of this and I will see what I can do to try and help. I am in the office 7-4C M-F.

Can you email me details to Thanks, Mollica, AT&T Social Media Manager

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