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We had DSL via AT&T for 2 years before we were talked into an unlimited data plan with 2 free, new phones in 10/11. 3 days after receiving/set up of phones, we received a text message stating we were exceeding our data limits. After speaking with an AT&T customer service rep immeadiately, we were told that we were misquoted [by THEIR company agent/salesperson] but we could get a plan that was VASTLY more expensive than original quote. After we refused any cell phone service (due to frustration with the AT&T reps incompetence) we were told we could return the phones and our cell phone account would be zero-ed out and erased.

7 MONTHS LATER we spend at least 2+ hours on the phone with AT&T customer service EVERY SINGLE MONTH to try to resolve the mindless, undetailed charges on our monthly bill (they still claim we have cell phone service). And that's NOT on an AT&T phone; it's on our SPRINT phones, a company I've been with nearly 10 years and NEVER have problems like this! That's not to mention the callbacks from managers we never receive yet are promised, because the agents are too inept and "cannot access" our account history so they can resolve the issue once and for all.

We recently had to move and requested our interent service to follow us to our new home. AT&T stated that that service was no longer provided and we had to upgrade to U-verse for $10 more a month (we were paying $25 mo. since 11/2009). Got my U-verse bill yesterday and what's the charge?? $48 a month! Also quoted $50 for the [installation] fee and was charged $100 for something called "Internet Gateway"...whatever that is...

It's not only the price mis-quotes and lack of details/explanations in my statements that enrage me; it's the COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY that this company displays to it's loyal customers. I don't want to waste my phone minutes to contact their customer service department who DOES NOTHING but screw up my bills and blame it on other departments. This process of "combined billing" is not user-friendly, not efficient and reeks of fraud. The only option I've been given by AT&T is some sort of dispute/claims process (since their reps cannot rectify ANY issues/concerns we have via our multitude of calls). If I don't see some relief of this soon, I'm looking into small claims, BBB, online blasting...whatever it takes to get this company to take responsibility and update their procedures...

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I sincerely apologize for the billing discrepencies and would like the opportunity to discuss this with you. Please email me your account and contact information to ATTTammyH@att.com my hours are 8a-5p PST Mon-Fri.

Include your post name in the subject line. Thank You, Tammy-Customer Care Manager

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