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First - I port my phone # from AT&T to Verizon, I receive an email telling me that my final bill is ready (email dated 11/30) I attempt to log into my account w/ AT&T on 11/02 only to find out that they locked it because I ported the number and cancelled the account...WAIT...WHAT??? You tell me to log in KNOWING that you locked my account?

I call the freaking automated line (I seriously hate those things!!! ) and the faceless voice tells me that because my phone number was transferred, it can't help me reset my password.

I press "0" to talk to someone who actually has a brain and is breathing, and that *** tells me that, although he is very sorry, he cannot reset my password because the account has been cancelled!!

I asked why - because inquiring minds want to know when logic is totally flushed down the toilet - and he can't tell me anything other than "I am unable to reset your password because the account is cancelled".

He offers to snail mail a final bill to me -- but when I ask if it will arrive before the 15th when it is due, he says it will probably take 2 weeks to get here because it is not a standard procedure.

I then tell him that is not good enough and I require that he transfers me to his manager.

His manager gets on the phone and -- SURPRISE!! -- she is reading from the exact same script that he has!!! She's very sorry, yes, she has identified me as ME because she asked all my "secret" questions and my last 4 of my SSN, but STILL no one can live up to what the freaking email that they sent tells me!!!

UNBELIEVABLE, ILLOGICAL, ***, IDIOTIC, ASSININE!!! I have not been with Verizon for even a week and have gotten BETTER customer service than I EVER got from AT&T in the 2 decades plus that I used their service.

HOLY *** I am so glad to leave these inept jackasses behind.

Then TODAY, I receive the email below:

t was my pleasure to help you today. Below is a summary of our discussion: A copy of your bill has been requested and will be sent to the address on record within 7-10 business days. - There is normally a $5.00 fee to reprint your bill. As a courtesy, this fee has been waived. You can view up to 16 months of bills online: 1. Access and login to myAT&T. 2. Click on Bill History under the Bill & Usage section. 3. Click the Online link under the appropriate bill date. A copy of your bill displays in a new window. 4. Click the Print button to print out a copy of the bill. If we can help you further, please refer to or call us at 1-800-331-0500. Sincerely,

SERIOUSLY ???? -- YOU HAVE THE NERVE to tell me yet again to log into an account you fully realize is cancelled and you know *** good and well cannot be logged into? WHERE exactly are your heads of Quality Control and Customer Service.....

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. dlandrum stated that there is a room for improvement of way they handled numbers ported to another carrier. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "stupidity" of att wireless account. Att needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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