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I have probably been paying the extra 2.99 for AT&T's Roadside assistance for at LEAST 3 years, and never used it. I had a breakdown yesterday, and called AT&T who was quick to answer and help me.

This is the only reason they got a 2, and not a 1. I needed my truck towed 10 miles to a shop that I know and trust. What I did NOT think, was that i was going to have to pay an ADDITIONAL 35 dollars out of pocket, with no real good answer as to why I should have to pay ANYTHING out of pocket for a 10 mile tow other than telling me "they changed providers", whatever that means. Needless to say, I am not happy, and have already canceled the service.

Not only that, I found a MUCH better plan through my insurance company, for about the same price, and much better coverage! AT&T, your roadside assistance is a FAIL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Roadside Assistance.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I have had so many issues with this service.


Roadside Assist or should I call it Roadside NOassist.

I waited almost 3-1/2 hours for a tow and no one showed up. I called the tow company and they said someone else SUPPOSED to show up.

What a waste of time!

If you have this service expect to wait over 2-3 hours for someone to show up. You might as well take a nap because no one will show up anyway.

I'm beginning to think that they contract with local companies at a discounted rate. Why should local companies accept a discounted rate when full paying customers come first.

So basically you go to the bottom of their service call list.

Cancel Roadside Assist if you got it.

It's not the wait or cost. I moved to AAA.


The agents that work in their call center are not allowed to tell you your coverage even though they know you should be covered to $75 for all services they only cover you to $50 on tows and $30 on soft services and unless you know your coverage you get the shaft. Don't get mad at the agents the people over them are jerks and they will be fired if they straight out tell you what you are covered for, they call it the "golden rule" and they make sure to impress upon that ALOT, telling a member their coverage on the ATT project is just like cussing on the phone.

The out of pock you speak of is the difference you had to pay after your benefit was applied to the cost of the tow.

Agents don't make anything off of dispatching calls, so your out of pocket went to the provider and well part of the benefit you did not get went to the dirty call center owners, you have no idea how many people have been left stranded because of not having a few more dollars for the out of pocket when it should have been covered.

But then again you people should learn to read the terms and conditions, you are only being made mad and pay more because you are ignorant of the service you purchased, people would get so *** mad when I would tell them to read their terms and conditions when really they sure need to so they don't make idiots of themselves thinking they can get some ridiculous service for nothing out of pocket. Prices matter alot depending on the markets in some places it's normal for the hook fee to be $50-75 (just to hook up to your car) and then $6-10 per loaded mile and sometimes there is enroute mileage and it depends on where and the time you call as to if you can get it all covered, you think u had it bad, just be glad u were not a woman I had to tell had to pay $200+ out of pocket just to get her tire changed because she was out in the middle of no where in Texas..... $35 for 10 miles isn't really that bad, without the roadside you would have paid more.

Same call center is currently being sued for fraud by a former client who is known as "Roadside Protect" and they are suing the call center that handles the ATT roadside calls which is known as "Allied Dispatch", they take calls for several companies like TVC/Motor Club of America, Urgently, Home and Auto/FIMC, and Road Hero.

At Allied dispatch the ATT project is the lowest project, that means it has the worst agents because they have to work out of ATT to do other more "premium" projects, most people hate working on the ATT side. BUT in the end I'd say 4 useages a year x $50 = $200 or 4 x $30 soft services totaling $120 min benefit payout and for a total cost of less than $40 per year given it's only $2.99 per month and then some tax so it isn't quite worthless at all, but then again people feel entitled anymore, another thing is the ATT people that sale this stuff might very well be lying to some people to make a quick cheap sale.

Also ATT should figure out where they really cannot get service at all and stop selling roadside plans to those people all together because in real life sometimes there is no tow coverage way out in some places and that is a sucky reality of life, states like NC, SC, WA, HI, TX, PA, NJ, NY, SD, ND, WY, AL, MS are hard states to get service in alot of areas. Also if this doesn't make you feel any better just google "Corey Jones murder" and find out how long he was waiting on his tow and how his wait cost him his life when he was gunned down by a dirty cop, Allied and ATT doesn't want you to know about that screw up. What sucks is his call was "leveled" and this is where a agent will take down some of your info and tell you someone is calling you back, sometimes this means you get called back in 5-10mins sometimes it's hours, upto 4 I've seen before because calls got so back in Nov and Dec that they didn't have enough staff to deal with them, even having agents on other roadside projects working them if they could. Allied is a very overworked call center, pay isn't great either, starting pay is $9 per hour and usually tops out at $10 after a year I've seen.

But they never have enough staff, there is a big revolving door for staff, they stay a few months then leave and it's not much better in management either and the lack of communication in the company is a serious problem, even with the owners being there most days the place is ran like *** so try not to blame the agents the upper management of directors and owners are the ones plundering you for a out of pocket, you should have only paid $15 oop not $35, but the owners of Allied needed it more they think so you had to pay basically. ATT must really not give a *** either, loads of people have to complain about out of pockets, but one thing to remember when you call, don't be a *** to the agent, we sure can just skip over the cheaper providers and find you one that you have to pay more just because you took a attitude with them, I sure have done it before and smiled so big while telling them they were having to pay out of pocket, remember when they answer the phone they are there to help you, it's not their fault you are having a bad day and weather they help you or not they are still paid all the same either way.


I have a similar experience of needing my car jumped. In March as well as August of this year, they wanted to charge me $55.00 just to jump my battery.

That's in addition to the $75.00 already covered by the service plan. And both times, the service providers were only 5 minutes away.

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