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So this just happened.... My son locked himself out of his car outside of Olympia WA.

We called the AT&T roadside assistance who DEMANDED we pay over $100 up front because,  get this, IT WAS RAINING OUT!!!!!! We had to pay or be stranded!!!!  I called AT&T and 25 minutes into the call NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THE *** I HAD TO PAY SO MUCH OUT OF POCKET TO GET INTO A 1997 FORD CONTOUR!    I PAID 2.99 A MONTH FOR YEARS JUST SO I COULD USE THEIR NUMBER TO GET HELP ONLY TO PAY FULL PRICE!!! 

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Roadside Assistance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Congratulations, you're one of the millions that think that you paying less than half of a price for a cup of coffee at Starbucks per month entitles you to free things anytime you want. AT&T doesn't work that way, and for someone who has worked for the Roadside Assistance department, I hope this better informs you as I will explain this to you.

In accordance to your terms and conditions, if your service request is covered, AT&T is to provide a payment of $75 per service event that goes towards the cost of the wrecker, and should the provider's costs exceed that amount, the remainder is out of pocket.


ABC Towing

Tire Change $100 - $75 (AT&T's payment) = $25, your out of pocket expense.

Only not quite. If you fail to mention that you are covered for $75, you won't get that coverage. Now, management is training agents to say that your max benefit amount was applied. Your coverage is as followed: $50 for towing and winching (stuck in a spot you can't pull your car out of) $30 for lock outs, fuel delivery, jump starts, tire changes, key make, inflating a tire.

That means that the $25 and $45 coverage for those services you're supposed to receive go straight into the call center owners' pockets. AT&T hired the company Allied Dispatch Solutions (A)L(LIE)D for their roadside assistance. On top of not receiving those coverage amounts, you're also told the agents don't know the providers' rates. That is also a lie.

The rates are as clear as the sky is blue. It's difficult to find providers for that company because very little providers want to do business with them. They have been sued numerous times for unpaid invoices equaling no less than $10,000 and continue to owe more companies even more than that, so no doubt there will be more lawsuits. The company pays their agents MINIMUM WAGE, constantly denies agents their breaks and lunches, fires them over the most asinine of things, and only trains them for a maximum of 2 days before throwing them on the floor.

Also, HR constantly underpays them because checks are always screwed up or late. Out of a training class of 20 for me, half of them left the second they found out what the pay was, and there were only 2 left including myself before I quit. The poor treatment, pay, lack of proper health care, etc, nobody stays there for any amount of time. People are constantly quitting because the abuse from management and customers alike isn't worth 7.25 to 9 per hour.

So, more than likely when you call in screaming at an agent, that agent is literally that one step closer to just walking out. If it's anyone you need to sue for false advertisement, it's AT&T for false advertising (I've caught several ATT workers purposely giving misleading information in order to sell the program) and the company they hired, Allied Dispatch Solutions, for pocketing your benefit money and lying about what provider's rates in order to be able to charge you money out of pocket (sometimes, having to pay some out of pocket cannot be avoided, but the likelihood of that happening would be reduced if they honored the terms and conditions). Also, Allied dispatches for MCA/TVC, Liberty Mutual/Safeco, Home & Auto/FIMC, etc. If the agent takes more than an hour to find the provider, the chances of a provider not being available are slim.

It's because management expects agents to shop for the cheapest rate. It doesn't matter if a tow truck is 10 feet in front of you. If they charge $100 for a tow and someone else will do it for $20 with a 3 hour ETA, they'll only hire the 3 hour ETA. The agents are really the ones who get thrown under the bus for these ungrateful SOBs.

My advice? Switch companies. Verizon offers Roadside Assistance for the same price per month but with better coverage. Your car insurance's roadside assistance is more ideal, since such a program is their specialty.

The AT&T roadside assistance program is a huge failure. I feel your pain on being pissed.

We have to provide this *** poor service, and yet we get out jobs threatened every day because the customer isn't happy with the service at all. It's really a no-win situation.

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