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I was enticed by AT&T's offer and left Verizon. It cost me $1,150.00 in cancellation fees.

AT&T said submit final bill and we will pay you after you pay Verizon. I did and followed their requirements. Six months later no payment. They claim they have nothing to do with the refund because Young America processes all of their refunds and they have no power over Young America.

They referred me to Young America (my contract is with AT&T) and after months of attempts to both Young America and AT&T; they refuse to pay! AT&T is in breach of our contract and I may have to seek legal assistance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1150.

ATT Cons: Fraudulent pricing and false advertising.

  • incompetent customer service
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I have been fighting with them since January of 2016 and now my wife has a Verizen bill over $1200 sitting at a collections and on her credit report. Haven't given up on this issue though. Just AT&T itself


This is happening right now with us and Verizon for $700. We got the Better Business Bureau involved and are speaking with them today. Verizon sent us letters from a collection agency threatening legal action; AT&T has "no idea what is happening." Go figure.


Same thing happened to me, about a year now and no answers. ATT blames Young America, and vise-versa


I submitted all required documents for my rebate on 07/22/16. I contacted Young America via email (because I was never able to get someone on the phone) and they always gave me the run around.

Finally last week I contacted them again and the rep resubmitted my request and BAM it was approved the same day. However, I am being told I am going to only receive $60!!! My termination fee for Sprint is $280. The way it was explained to me is the subtracted the down payment of $220 from when I traded in my phone from the $280 termination fee and that determined how much I would receive ($60).

That doesn't even cover what I owe Sprint. So pretty much I have to pay my own termination fee with Sprint. This is so misleading and definitely a scam. The only phone company I've switched to and they gave me what was advertised was T-Mobile.

I never would've switched if I knew this is how it works.


The same thing is going on with me. We turned in 2 phones and 6 months later have yet to get our money.

Each time I call it's a new story.

I'm hoping there is a class action lawsuit that gets people their money back because this is ridiculous. It's expensive enough for cell phones but to get scammed like this is just wrong.


I have the same issue here.. and I am out 1600 dollars.. Verizon even sent collections after me for something I cannot pay thanks to ATT....


Same thing with me. Been waiting and waiting and no one can do anything.

It's always required waiting period since early April. I figure will probably never get paid and will get a notice a year or two for now about a class action suit settlement over this.

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