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I had both mobile service and At&t U-verse at my home. While moving to another town during my divorce, I cancelled the U-verse, paid it off in full & closed the account.

I kept my cell phone. Six months later, I cancelled my cell phone service as it did not get reception where I was living and there was already a landline there. I paid my cancellation fee & ended service (a service that was only $108./mo to begin with. And a few months later, I am getting bills from BOTH departments stating that I owe $232.

to U-verse & $886. for my mobile phone. I called them & they told me that their records show that I owe them nothing and the accounts were paid & closed, BUT, THEY sent me the letter! They told me it was a mistake & to disregard them.

Problem is, they start showing up on my credit report. Not directly through At&t, but through two different collection agencies. These two things occurred in 2013 and yet now, in Sept. 2015 they continually pop up on my credit report.

I call & dispute them, they disappear & then resurface a month later through different collection agencies. At&t say that they don't show money owed, yet my credit remains below average for ONE reason only- these two beasts that At&t set forth and then cannot correct. I am ready to strangle someone! I can find NO WAY to resolve this nightmare!

Any advice? Let me know

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This company is the worst, trying to charge for disconnected service which I only had for one month, because of bad service can not reach any body on the phone and they keep you for hours holding and answering questions,they don't care about their customers, I need help now they have sent my account to a collection agency and can not talk to any body about the account , do I need a lawyer? Any advice?

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