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I just hung up with the at&t "retention" service person (frankly he sounded all of maybe 20). This is what they are laying off and firing their senior employees for?!?!?!? I know, for a FACT, they are purposely laying off and firing the senior employees (but that is another posting).

Two months ago I called to cancel one (1) receiver, we were discontinuing the usage in one of the rooms and did not need it. I was informed that my bill was still going to be the same because the package was now going to cost us more. How?!?! They simply "adjusted" my basic package by the $7.00 for the returned received. Can you believe it!!!! So needless to say that left a bad impression, so for the past two months we have been discussing, weighing options and really thinking about whether or not we wanted to stay with at&t (lower case is not a mistake, I do not feel they deserve the respect or recognition). So, I called to cancel the uverse basic package, we realistically do not spend enough time watching tv to justify a $70 a month bill. Of course, there is a catch!! I was informed that since I would not have uverse cable, that we needed to be aware that more than likely our "internet" service would now go up. We figured we would just subscribe to Netflix for the 2-3 times a month we can actually sit down and watch a movie and just catch up on our weather and news off the internet. Well, thats fine, but at&t wants its part of that and we are expected to pay an additional $10 per 50 g we go over every month. Oh, and the kicker is this "policy" was implemented 7-8 months ago but no disclosure was provided to us. When I asked to see what our usage has been for this time period, I was directed to see it through the at&t my account, which of course proved fruitless and a waste of time because as usual every prompt went back to the same place and all I got was this "your usage is not available for displa. You shoul not be concerned about your usage for billing purposes. at&t will keep you informed about your date usage via email." Really? First off we were not told we had a cap for data usage until TODAY when I called to cancel the uverse. It has never been an issue but I was STRONGLY advised to consider the basic tv package so that we were not in jeopardy of running over on our viewing and incur data charges.

Is this company real! We are ecstatic that the T-Mobil merger did not happen. They want to monopolize the market to charge their outrages plans. Has anyone informed these people that there is a DECLINING economic market and their are MANY MANY people that cannot even afford the basic necessities?

After over an hour on the telephone with this young man to cancel the order. I requested to be transferred to technical support so I could get a copy of our usage since the inception of their "tracking", I was on hold for 20 minutes and no one got on the line. I hung up and called again, another 15 minutes but no live person, tried again 3 more times but apparently our number is recognized and it was automatically put through the system and no live person was going to talk to me. That is why I came across this site. I tried the "suggested" try this links before posting a complaint but not surprisingly, the first link gave me an error message stating there was no live connection to it and the second one was routed, guess where? at&t website where I have just spent a very frustrating two hours on my Saturday morning.

Think fellow consumers, this Goliath of a company can only stay strong if we the consumers keep buying into their non-sense. Maybe if we started to read more ( we would be smarter and more educated) than watch tv, or go to the park with our kids (they would be healthier) and yes, if we just need to decompress from a long, stressful and hard work week. Login to netflix, hulu.com and a zillion other options to watch tv shows, episodes or just pop in a movie. They still sell those by the way, they are called dvds. This is my two cents, really really disgusted with the likes of at&t and we will be filing the formal complaints and requesting audits.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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For a year now i have to call att every month when i receive the bill and every month i am told the problem is fixed.. Basically them adding charges on my bill that every month i call and tell them i don't want that service.

last month i explained to the last person i talked to that i was recording this conversation thinking maybe it got fixed but of course not i just called to check and they have debited my account 3 times now. what a joke for a company i am cancelling my service tomorrow morning when they decide to answer the phone and i will be contacting a lawyer to get my money back for the last year


Don't call that *** *** Beth. She is just a dumb *** who will lie to you with a smile, all the while laughing at you with her co-workers at the snack machine about how dumb you are to still use att after the way they treat you and everyone else.


My cable company keeps trying to get us to buy packages. I tell them that I want to be able to drop a component I am not happy with without being penalized by a higher price.

Your story affirms my position that having your tv, phone and internet, movies etc. in a package not a good idea.


Hello! I’m with AT&T and saw your post.

I’m so sorry to hear about your experience! If you’d like to email at ATTJenn@ATT.com with your account number, contact number, and handle from this site I’d be glad to try and help. I’m here Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm CST.

Thanks! –Jenn, AT&T Social Media Manager


:) I couldn't agree more. We've had the U-verse package for almost 2 years and the cost has doubled from what they told us it would be.

I absolutely hate that they will not provide a number to talk to a real person (866-240-7221 works sometimes0. I don't know what the answer is, because they really don't care about their current customers...just get new ones. My sons both got U-verse also and have experienced the same issues. When we call to request the lower rates as a long-time customer, we're told they can't do that.

Well, time to move on.

I have 2 choices and am trying to figure out which one it will be, but I'm done with AT&T...phones and everything. They are not the only company in town anymore.

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