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Having been a good customer of AT&T's for many years I just can't understand why they would be running a scam like what they're trying on me. They have discontinued and changed my unlimited data plan without my permission. This occurred even though they were reassuring customers that the unlimited plan we had would be grandfathered in. Below I have links stating that the plans would be grandfathered in however they are not honoring that.

Over the course of a few months before I was aware that they changed my plan, I had gotten about three texts saying I was approaching my data limit. Well I thought this must have been a mistake as I had the unlimited data plan so I ignored it. When I got another text sometime after that I picked up the phone and called them to find out what was going on as I was concerned something might be wrong. When I spoke to the customer service rep they told me that since I hadn't noticed or reported it in 90 days since they had changed it they couldn't do anything for me even though my plan was to be grandfathered in. Well how is it my fault that AT&T without my permission changed my plan and discontinued my unlimited grandfathered plan?

Their attitude is that if they can sneak something past you long enough without you noticing its fair game. Now if we would have noticed that they were stealing from us in the beginning it would have been like oh you caught us so I guess we have to reinstate your grandfathered plan. That's how a lot of crooks look at it, like we should have known they were ripping us off and since we didn't its somehow our fault or that we deserved to be ripped off. Well AT&T I don't believe we deserve to be ripped off by you guys because we didn't notice that you changed our plan without proper notice. Could we just arbitrarily decide to start paying less than the amount we owed and why not if they can change the contract at will.

I contacted AT&T again today on Nov 1, 2011 and without little success and also the pleasure of dealing with one rude supervisor. The reason for my call was to give them another opportunity to make it right by fixing their mess and correcting their unscrupulous business practices. I had to talk with a rep that made it seem like the call was routed to a call center in India and after several minutes got them to transfer me to a supervisor. The supervisor hung up on me even thought I was being very polite. All I asked was that they correct their mistake and while they were doing that give me the address where the papers had to be served from a Small Claims Court filing. As soon as I asked for the address the call was over.

Having reached my limit I believe it would be in my best interest to file a case in Small Claims Court. Actually it doesn't cost that much on our end and you don't need an attorney. I honestly don't know all the legal issues but I'll leave that up to a reasonable Judge. You have to assume that the judge has a cell phone and with any luck they've dealt with AT&T before. What I will do is bring in the articles where AT&T has stated that they are grandfathering in my plan and let them dance around that. Also let them address the fact that we never changed our plan. If we have too we may have to subpoena the last salesman we dealt with along with all their records dealing with us including their notes on our account. The last salesman we dealt with was very adamant about keeping the unlimited plan as it had been grandfathered in and you could tell that he was recommending that to everyone in our situation. I know from my experience that when a company wants to change a contract or plan it's not normally in the best interest of their customers.

So to sum it up…I recommend that anyone in a similar situation with AT&T do the same thing and file a small claims court case against them. If they have some mandatory arbitration clause don't worry about that because its been thrown out in several jurisdictions. I would brush up on that fact and bring in as many cases of where that has happened just in case. Be polite with the Judge and have everything written out before you including all you notes along with the contract. What's the worst thing that can happen well you might not win but you can be sure that they don't want to be defending their shady business practices in front of Judges.

One last thing that I have noticed is that AT&T customer service reps would appear to be placing their email address in a follow-up post in an attempt to look like they will be trying to correct the problem with the complainant. Well that's probably just a third party firm trying to protect their reputation that doesn't give a darn if the matter is corrected. My message to them is unless you actually intend to correct this situation don't leave what looks to be contact information. The easiest thing for AT&T to protect their reputation is to treat their customers fairly and not scam them.

Wish me luck in court….and if I don't win well its time to move on to a service provider like Verizon that doesn't have all the dropped calls like AT&T. Dropped calls are a never ending nightmare with AT&T.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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This just happened to me and they gave me the same answer they gave you. That they can't change it back because 90 has passed. Did you win in small claims court?


AT&T had been charging me for almost four years for a phone I wasn't using and the cost was small enough that it took me a while to notice. The phone had been switched to my daughter so they were charging both of us.

It took four months to stop them from taking money out of my account(I finally had the bank stop payment on them) but they still refuse to refund the double billing and they refuse to give the address to sue them in small claims court.

However, I have been told that I can file a consumer complaint with the attorney general of the state of Maryland and that may be my next move. At the very least if they get the proper address to file suit and subpoena both my daughter's and my AT&T records that will be an excellent start.


I can now report that the email contact for AT&T actually worked and the AT&T rep was very professional and went in and corrected the mistake within minutes. He said I should see it on my next statement.

I would recommend to anyone that they use the contact email left in their comment/post before they post like I did. Its good to see a company like AT&T do the right thing and I only wish that they had corrected it sooner.

And again I cant complain about the customer service I received today. Thanks


Hello @AlienTechnology, I'm with @ATTCustomerCare I would like to look into this with you. Please email me attcustomercare@att.com please put AlienTechnology in the subject line of your email.

You may include any details you like.

If you provide me with a way to contact you I'll give you a call. Thank you, Carolyn~AT&T


Hello @ATTCustomerCare, if you can solve this problem them would you please email me too because i had the same problem as AlienTechnology had, and I will do like him too.

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