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I signed up for the 12month ad for internet at the rate of $14.95. I ended up having to move before the contract had been fulfilled so I call At&T and talked with a rep there and ask if I could have this service moved to my sister address without additional charges.

They said that would be fine as long as I would continue to pay the bill they would move the service to her resident at no additional charges. So the move took place and I received my next bill with a charge of $80.00 and no explanation of this charge. I called and spoke with a couple of different departments. After a long investigation they could not find anywhere they had put this $80.00.

A rep had called my sister after the insulation and tried to get her to change my contract and she refused stating she was not authorized to do this. At&T told me they could not find a ligate place for me to be charged for this and would be will to refund my $80.00 if I would file against them thru my bank. So I did and they repaid me the $80.00. So time went on and at the end of my contract I contacted them to end this contract as I had fulfilled my contract.

They agreed and shut it off on the due date and mailed me the final bill. After I paid the bill, the next month I received another bill for $45.00. I called and asked what this was for??? They said I ended my contract early.

They went back and started my contract over from where the rep who called my sister and added an additional three months to my already year contract that They said would not happen if I would keep this service. I tried to get them to tell me why would you send me a final bill and then the next month say oh you need to pay for 3 more months. They didn't offer me the service for the three months they just wanted me to pay for it. I refuse to pay for something I didn't get and they agreed themselves to end the contract in 12 months if I continued to pay for it.

I received a notice today from a collection agency asking me what I wanted to do about this charge. Well you can stick this charge where the sun don't shine. I paid all my bills and will never use AT&T again even if it means to go without service. I will fight this charge no matter what I kept my promise and paid my bills but AT&T must think they don't have to do anything they say just try to ruin your credit.

My advise to anyone who reads this is to find service with another company this one is not on the up and up and their customer service people suck!!!!!!!!! 'stay away from using AT&T

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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