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AT@T does not provide 24/7 service to its customers. its in the contract.

most people dont read the contract. My friend is disabled and AT@T has not provided service for two months and he has been paying his bill for a service he isnt getting. he has doctors he can not call and lawyers due to his injury and MY friend told AT@T that he is disabled and they said that they serve the area. YET at@t hasnt been providing service for months straight.

they said the tower was down and told him they would fix it and call him. still he had to call using my phone. they did not call him back because they did not fix the tower they said they were going to fix. who does this to disabled people to say they provide service and do not .

what if my friend needs an ambulance he would never be able to get ahold of anyone cause he would be DEAD. cause of no service for hours and hours for days and weeks into months. AND they dont tell you what the contract says to you. but its the first thing they will throw in your face DID YOU READ THE CONTRACT.

i am going to tell the whole *** world what AT@T has said and done. may god be with you.

MY FRIEND NAME IS steve and this is his phone 336-334-5997 the phone has been killed by a hammer and he has a landline now. the number is for at@t in case they want to make it right

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #928544

Dr Here you are so Correct in your Post.This sound's like The Blind Leading The F------ Blind.


AT&T does not guarantee coverage anywere. But they will work to give the best possible coverage.

In some areas that may mean a microcell is needed in the home. They are not the only company that requires signal boosters for some areas.

If the service is not working for your friend then he needs to call 611 and ask to talk with someone in consumer relations. Under some circumstances a microcell will be provided for no charge.

Sometimes AT&T is not the right carrier.

Your friend needs to find out if another carrier will provide reliable service in his home. Consumer relations can sometimes waive early termination fees if AT&T cannot provide satisfactory service.

Another possibility for your friend would be a landline phone.

Nobody should be in a situation where they cannot call an ambulance when needed. Please help your friend to get the service that is needed.


Hopefully one of your friends doctors is a therapist because you both are 100% nuts

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