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I am beyond dissatisfied, frustrated and angry. 5+ months of phone calls, being on hold, re-telling my story, etc. The level of incompetence and disregard for the customer. They bounced us around hoping we'd be so frustrated we would give up. I hope ATT monitors these forums. My transcripts are here:


4/14/16: filled out online form at,


dropped off two phones at La Canada UPS store




phones arrived at USPS and were picked up by Newgistics

6/6/14 and 6/14/16

Called ATT 866-852-8617 – check back in two weeks (got no name)

7/6/16 checked status online at att/helpyouswitch > REBATE SUBMISSION ERROR (trade-ins not received!?)

626-201 2098: file://localhost/Users/wuestl1/Desktop/_ATT:helpyouswitch/Screen%20Shot%202016-07-08%20at%2011.36.17%20AM.png

626-201-2067: file://localhost/Users/wuestl1/Desktop/_ATT:helpyouswitch/Screen%20Shot%202016-07-08%20at%2011.36.50%20AM.png


went to post office to track packages – they said newgistics has them and I should track with them:

Tracked with

(packages were received by newgistics 5/17/16)

Unknown 9202390100721468992071 450839799 Delivered Fort Worth, TX 76177

Unknown 9202390100721451336073 450943361 Delivered Fort Worth, TX 76177


Called 866-852-8617, 8:41 AM spoke to DAVID – no record of phones received

must call att customer care at 800-331-0500 to gett INVOICE #s and the rebates will be processed

8:59 AM called 800-331-0500 AT&T Customer Care (1.5 hours!!)

spoke to DOMINIQUE – tool pin #, tracking #, etc. on hold 25 minutes – she never came back

9:25 AM, JUSTIN picks up the hold, on phone with JUSTIN UNTIL 10:31 AM

Switcher customer service need INVOICE #’s – which supposedly are also RMA #swhich are on the label and I already had !!!!

RMA #450943361 and #450839799

Gave me phone number to trade-in specialist 888-445-6005–WRONG DEPARTMENT GAH! This is for phone trade-ins

10:46 AM called switcher program CSR 866-852-8617

Spoke to JANE, she will escalate the trade in to ATT and I will get a call back within 24 hours (by 11:00 AM 7/9/16)

Submission ID# 376220831



Called to ask why no call back after 24 hours!?

CSR said its 24-48 hours, so they have until 7/12/16


Called to asked about status after escalation, they said it’s 24-48 BUSINESS hours, not all hours. GAH, so I won’t get a call back for about 4 days.

7/18/16 (I did not get called back after 4 days)

1:24 PM, FRANK

10 days AFTER escalation of case – I called 866-852-8617

Asked me again for Newgistics tracking numbers

Says the notes say “I was about to send in the phone” - WRONG!!!!! they’ve been sent and have been received by Newgistics on 5/17 in Fort Worth TX

Says they are waiting for rebate amounts – then he asked for invoice numbers – which I’ve been told are RMA numbers. He asked for IMEI #s which I don’t have

He says he has no record of escalation / ***!!!!!

SO I gave him Submission ID 376220831 and NOTHING

1:37 pm, still Frank

Freaked out and asked for HIGHEST SUPERVISOR. (1:37 PM)

1:58 pm I was disconnected by Frank

1:59 PM

Called back, got MARK – asked for SUPERVISOR IMMEDIATELY

On hold from 2:03 pm – 2:32 pm – nice music

THEN got voice alert “All agents are still assisting other callers - the original hold music which is out of tune. What is going on??

2:33 PM

Floor Supervisor JOHN got on the phone read him my summary of calls and experience

Gave him invoice numbers again (RMA numbers)

For them to validate the rebate, they need to see the trade-in of the devices.

My choices:

Escalate - Escalate it to ATT which they already have on XXXX. But they have not called me back which they should have within 24 –48 hours

Speak to Customer Service – general customer service for ATT Wireless. John is not sure what they can do if anything.

If I had receipts, Send receipts which shows trade in, phone, etc. (which would be via store or online or via send back through shipping label)

This is not their fault either because I submitted the phones then he HUNG UP ON ME.

2:53 PM (7/18/16)

Kiawana, CSR 800-331-0500

Called customer service 800-331-0500

Switcher takes 10-12 weeks now not 4-6 weeks - Once received by ATT

Per Kiawana - call switcher back and ask if they will accept a fax documentation that phones arrived at Newgistics

Kiawana called Switcher program and checked what we can do (thank you)

I can email photos of the labels and tracking confirmation But CS can’t receive emails

I need to call back switcher again, ask supervisor there if they will accept tracking confirmation as proof.

She pulled up the tracking and contacted switcher. They want copies of invoices/letters that came with the phones in the mail - include label copies also

Send copies via switcher website (?) no link where I can upload docs!

MENTION REFERENCE #450943361 and #450839799 PER Kiawana it shows these have been received, but Switcher people need document proofs.

I should get a call or I should call back within 48 hours for update.


9:55 AM

Valentina, 800-331-0500

Asked Valentina to read notes, so I don’t have to go over the details of ALL THESE CALLS over the past 5 months.

Per Valentina, notes say: it has been escalated. Transferred me to Young America specialists who are the “escalation department people"

Valentina playing middle man on phone between Young America and me. Re-gave the reference numbers #450943361 and #450839799 — see above that Kiawana has noted have been received.

Valentina found notes that a manager was supposed to all me back within 24-48 hours (from last call on 7/18/16), and does not know why NOBODY has called back.

OMAR (escalation team at Young America): 8/23/16, supposedly escalated to ATT corporate. There is nothing he can do because he has no access to my account. He does not have a number for corporate.

Need an invoice or receipt or paperwork that indicates how much credit we got for each phone – gave OMAR invoice numbers again and it’s NOT in the system.

OFFER: instant rebate, towards device, etc.,

OMAR transferred me at 10:33 AM

To Customer Care 800-531-5000 : they may be able to override and give Young America an amount to credit to me.

OMFG - Jasmine said she was reading notes, then I was on hold then I got transferred back to Young America!! 10:45 AM

** as of this time, 11:00 AM, August 23, 2016. I am still on hold and getting st=transferred around to various departments. I've been on the phone for 2+ hours now.

AT&T you are a JOKE!


Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: switcher offer scam.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: process my rebate for transferrring from VERIZON WIRELESS!!!.

  • Helpyouswitch Problems
  • Bad Customer Srvice
  • Young America Scam
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