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I opened my statement from AT&T and was shocked to see a normally $79 bill jump to $96. The statement added "OAN" chgs which I've never heard of.

Person I called said this enables the customer to get phone numbers for a monthly fee. I never, ever call information for a phone number, I have 5 phone books and will not pay extra for a number: I can also go online to get a number. Bottom line I already pay enough (too much) to AT&T. They said someone else authorized it.

Well, I feel that's too bad-It's my account and only I have the right to make changes.

They said they would remove the chgs. We'll see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

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:( OAN is a big joke. Whatever it stands for and whatever it claims to do or not do!

I didn't order a thing and haven't ordered a thing from ATT since I had my internet installed.

Good luck on getting those charges dropped, because I was told that I would still have to pay anyway, and if I wanted it back, I could never get it back. Oh well, I won't cry or lose sleep over it----because I never ordered the *** thing!!!!!!!!!

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