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I have no dial tone on my phone and because it is New Years holiday I have to wait 4 days for them to come out and all they will tell you is they come between 8am amd 6:30pm. It takes 6 hours and finally my phone works, but by that night there is so much static when you try to talk on the phone you cannot hear anything.

I call again and have to wait another 4 days. The day they are supossed to come they don't show up and now they are saying I have to wait until tomorrow. Then I was told it would be a 15 minute wait to speak to a representative. I am not wasting my cell phone minutes for them!

I am going to let them know I better not be charged for this almost 2 weeks now that I have not been able to use my phone. I have had to buy minutes for my cell phone that I just received for Christmas. I dont have money to keep buying minutes for my cell phone. I have to work, I cannot just stay home from 8am to 6:30pm to wait.

I have to get my boyfriend (he works 3rd shift) to come to my apartment and wait for AT&T. This is ridiculous and I am really pissed off! I want my phone fixed! I am reaaly thinking of cancelling AT&T.

I also have them for my internet and my internet went down for 2 days also during all of this! AT&T just take too long to come out and try to repair things! What is their problem? They don't have enough workers or what?

I can understand a day or so, but 4 and then 5 more!!!!

I am one angry lady and if my home phone is not fixed (and fixed correctly this time) they are not going to like hearing from me! what really gets me is at the end of the call with a AT&T representative they ask you if you are satisfied with the service I have received. Yeah right, my phone is still broken and its been a week and a half!

*** No I am not satisfied and all they can say is there are a lot of outages and expect me to be satisfied!

I should have went with comcast!

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not only do they take too long in my case over 3 mths for the repair they send repairmen two or three times say it is fixed and charge for no repair, call on the phone to be let in when they do not need to be let in. They needed to hook up the correct line the first time.

They spliced the main line on the roadway coming in 4 times after lightening. No options to area still on rotary .

Switched to cell for phone still have internet. No other services available in area.

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