Indianapolis, Indiana
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Update by user Sep 20, 2012

Finally we have resolved the $99 service fee but of course our service is semi-out again. Our internet speed is clocking in at 4 mb and we are paying for the 18 mb service.

Hmmm-a service call didn\'t fix it.

I think the line to the house is bad but no one is willing to run a new line. Again-run fast and far from this company!

Update by user Aug 20, 2012

This is the \"professional installation\" of Uverse in our home. It is on the floor of our son\'s bedroom upstairs.

We have been living with this mess for 2 years! The original technician was too lazy to install it in a logical place and no one will change it now.

Original review posted by user Aug 20, 2012

In July our uverse tv went out AGAIN (about the 6th time in 2 years). Three days later a technician came and replaced modem.

When he left we had no landline service or DVR capabilities. Don't worry AT&T, I dont mind paying a bizillion dollars for service that doesn't work! Three days later another tech shows up and is nothing short of rude. I seriously called my husband to get home because of this man.

I tried to explain to him how this problem started and he held his hand in my face and said he will fix it-clearly didn't want to know any information. Fine. Two modems and one new DVR box later he says he's finished. Now comes the kicker.

"Um I am going to say this job was cancelled when I came to your door so our service rating numbers wont be affected. Callbacks are bad for our scores. I fixed everything but as far as AT&T knows, turns out you didn't need us." Huh? Whatever, just get out of my house.

Well August bill comes and guess what? AT&T billed us for $99 repair for that day. Evidently he told them it wasn't an equipment issue to save the union rating. I am in dispute with AT&T now.

I advise anyone who has service calls to never let a technician pull this on them. The whole company is such a mess-we are in the process of dropping everything and taking our exhorbitant Uverse money elsewhere!

I truly have never dealt with such a horrible customer service company. If you are thinking of getting Uverse-RUN FAST AND FAR TO ANOTHER COMPANY!!!

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