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AT&T- The worst nightmare, Sunday September 23rd is my 13th wedding anniversary. It would have been wonderful-Nice hotel, upscale dinning.

Until AT&T Wireless destroy it. Please read: Order 2 iPhone5's on Sept.14th at the 3am est ATT release. Took till 6am to actually order- Saturday morning get an e-mail that there was a issue processing and to call AT&T. Spend 7 hours over the weekend finally on monday after 3 hours got a rep.

said just needed to check the card I used. I let him know maybe there was a issue cause it has a different billing address, No just had to confirm the card. Reported all set and there would be no delay of receiving my new iPhone5's, Sound professional and confident. Okay all set.

Until Friday Sept 21st morning. Get another call that there is still an issue. Okay ran the card numbers again AMEX with $0 balance but hmm did not work. Female Rep.

had me use another card VISA- Okay that one was all set. Then the 2nd one. But the card would not let it go thru so she had me use another one. Okay finally all set.

She said AT&T would release the hold and the iPhone5's would arrive by Monday. I asked if she was sure and a happy absolutely. Little delay on one of the anniversary gifts. So I thought.

Note I said it was my wedding anniversary, so like a great husband I like to surprise my wife of 13 years and 2 fantastic healthy beautiful kids, Plus all the great things she does. So as I mentioned reserved a nice hotel and dinning. Left work picked her up and headed to a nice romantic evening. Until the hotel canceled my reservation cause my card declined and the dinner was part of the deal.

Found out the AT&T rep. charge for 4 iPhone5's Just enough to get my pre-planned anniversary weekend destroyed. Wife totally upset I started the process of canceling the phones and the service after 14 + with AT&T and all the issues I had stuck it out. After an hour on hold found out there were no iPhone's on the way for monday but back ordered for Oct 11th, Finally got over to a live person in Premier Care who was very nice and got me right to a supervisor.

But that supervisor had to transfer me to a Victoria M. who seemed nice but became less and less helpful and found it funny this happened on my 13th wedding anniversary and then I could hear other people in the back ground saying who cares let them cancel we don't need their business. Victoria went on like I could not hear them. Then I said I want to cancel my service and she said she could not help with that and would get me over to another person that could cancel the service.

Instead of transferring me to a person she dumped the call back to the beginning of the system where I have to enter all the information to get a real person again. At no time did they ever try and save me from leaving. Well hear is the kicker.

I recorded everything and will be posting it to blogs, twitters and you tube. You be the judge of who you want to have your service with after listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Deal.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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This is crazy. I kept my service for 1 week because of nightmarish customer service.

All equipment returned and signed for the following week. Service was scheduled for disconnect 5-22-2013. I talked to a lady on 5/21 and she said according to 'buyer's remorse' I would get a bill reflecting zero balance. I not only have been pestered to pay a nearly 300 dollar bill...I call today and find out they haven't even disconnected service!!!!

And they have the equipment!!!

Of course they couldn't help me because that particular office was closed. I nearly kissed the Comcast guy when he hooked us back up.


Hi Eck-

I am very sorry to hear that you are having these issues. I will be happy to get this taken care of for you.

Can you please send me an email with your account number and contact number to ATTCustomercare@att.com? In the subject line please include Eck.

My office hours are 8 am to 5 pm EST. Thank you, Nancy AT&T Social Media Manager


Since March 2012, I have been held hostage by AT&T. I chose their wireless bundle for phone and internet.

Neither have ever worked. 50 telephone calls and 8 months later, I was finally contacted by a lady who said, "the facts show that we told you that everything was taken care of in August,our rep either did not or forgot to note the file. Meanwhile at the ranch a collection agency contacted me for the amount the rep said was canceled. This lady said, I can forgive 1/2 of the matter, but the rest has be escalated.

It would be much easier for me to pay the amount they claim I owe, but having already paid more than $1000.00 and received zero service has made me dig in. HELP!!!!


Sorry you have had a bad experience. Please email me at ATTTina@att.com so I can assist.

I am in the office Monday through Friday 6:s0 to 3:30 pm cst to assist. Thanks, Tina-AT&T Social Media Manager


What the *** is wrong with your credit? Sounds like your cards are maxed out and you suck.


If you came into a store *** it wouldve been done

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