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ATTN AT&T Military Customers: This is an update to my previous rants about how AT&T has turned its back on us. My previous posts describe how they refuse to unlock phones for deploying soldiers. PM me if you want specific details about this, however, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Please read on...

My wife and I discovered Defense Mobile. They will be our next phone service, and may become yours as well. There is no issue with supporting deploying soldiers, and changes that need to be made with plans to meet the needs of military life. They offer lower priced plans with same features/benefits as AT&T.

As pissed off as AT&T got me over past few weeks, and especially last night, it looks like it worked out for the best. We are switching services to Defense Mobile as I'm typing this (wife talking with them now). I can't believe it...we get unlimited minutes, 12 gig for $50 less than AT&T monthly plan. Thanks for not working with us AT&T. Indirectly you saved us $600 per year, lol - It's been nice working with you since 2009, but now it's - Adios!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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From the time you posted this ..Defense Mobile is out of business and they did not give their military customers any ample warning .. they just shut off their service and got people scrambling to find service somewhere else.

don't trust these MVNOs they come and go like grass here today gone tomorrow. straight talk,cricket and verizon prepaid,simple mobile,rok mobile and at&t prepaid is the best way to go because i have to say they are super solid in the industry

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