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AT&T U-verse DSL Internet and Email Support

We switched from Cox Cable to AT&T U-verse DSL April 29, 2011 and canceled our service May 29th thirty days later. AT&T internet and email service does not work correctly all the time like they claim and they do not support it or help you are on your own. They do say they will support internet and emails on their web site but if they cannot solve the problem they refer you to an outside source called Connect Tech we were told would cost us an additional $29 fee, when I called I was informed their fee is now $49. I wonder if AT&T gets a kick back from referring all their customers to them instead of correcting the problem themselves.

I was advised that AT&T DSL Support only supports their web mail at AT&T.net not Microsoft Outlook like most people have on their home PC's and discourages Outlooks use. We were told when we signed up it would do everything Cox did and support all our emails on home PC, on their web site from any computer and on my iPhone, not true. Most people now-a-days have upgraded their operating system with Windows 7 which uses Microsoft Outlook.

I called U-verse Tech Support fifteen times and spent countless hours, 28 days, weeks, dollars trying to get this problem resolved. They said the problem was with our computer and not on their end. We had our computer completely gone through and checked at a computer repair shop and there was nothing wrong with it and we were told the problem was on AT&T's side and of course they denied it and said just the opposite. However during all these problems we were having for five weeks on AT&T's web site. A friend of mine signed up for AT&T U-verse DSL and I helped him set up his computer and email. We discovered if you tried to register for new emails there was a message on AT&T's web site saying their server was down for two weeks until June for upgrades and you could not register for new emails, but I'll bet they were still selling this service. We ended up setting up his email with a gmail.com account. When I asked AT&T about this they didn't even know about it.

When we signed up for AT&T U-verse DSL we were told their download speed was as fast as Cox, they were on individual dedicated circuits where Cox would bog down with the amount of usage on their circuits, bull. Found out AT&T DSL download speed for this area is only 6 bmps or lower, I was told it was as fast as Cox they lied to me. Cox download speed is 35 or higher with power boost and can go as high as 50 bmps; the price difference between them is only $5 to $10 difference. They both offer different plans and speeds for a price but the facts speak for themselves, AT&T fastest speed for this area is 6 bmps and Cox is 35 bmps and higher. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the difference.

Luckily AT&T DSL came with a 30 day money back guarantee so were able to return our equipment and get a full refund. But I did have to go through all the frustration of continually calling support, talking to other people, having our computer not working and worked on for over a month.

When I called AT&T U-verse DSL Support to cancel our service I was instructed how to return the equipment. I did not have the original packaging shipping box it came in or return label but the lady at customer service told me not to worry about it just takes it to any UPS Store and they would box it up and ship it back to them no charge they were under contract with them to do this. All I needed was my account number and a confirmation number which she gave me. I went to the closest UPS Store and was told they do not ship the equipment back; they referred me to another UPS Store clear across town. I went to this store and they said they do not ship it. I called AT&T U-verse Customer Service back again in the parking lot. I was put on hold and transferred to five different people. I was sitting in my truck in 94 degree temperatures for 46 minutes trying to get this resolved. They called and talked with the UPS Store and said they have to send it back they are under contract with us to do this, the UPS Store said no they do not ship it. The AT&T manager I talked with said he has never had this problem or heard of this before. Finally they told me to drive to a different UPS Store clear across town again; when I got to the address they said was listed it was no longer there. I then drove to the closest AT&T Store and was sent to yet another UPS Store. I drove there and again was told they do not send this equipment back. I drove back to the AT&T Store and the manager called the UPS Store and was told they only send back certain modems and mine was not one of them but this is what they sent me. I spent over four hours driving all over town to every place they told me to go doing what they told me to do. I drove 61.8 miles total, my truck gets 14.7 miles per gallon and at the current gas prices I figured it cost me $15.39 cents to do this.

Finally the managers in the AT&T store told me just leave my equipment there, she would have it boxed up and returned within ten days for the credit to my account. Every place I go and everyone I talk to at AT&T Support tells you something different and cannot solve the problems. The only person I have found that can is by going directly to an AT&T Store manager and they seem to know how to get it done.

As far as I am concerned AT&T U-verse DSL Support and Customer Service has the worst service and reputation I have ever seen or heard about. This was a very frustrating stressful experience for us to learn the hard way. I have heard from other people who have had a similar experience. Maybe by reading this it will help you or someone you know from going through the same experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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I am completely floored that AT&T does not support technical support for their services. I had no idea until my friend told me about it.

I don't have U-verse, I have AT&T Pacbell DSL. I use a Mac and my email client is Mac Mail. A couple weeks ago, I started having email problems. Amongst others, I am experiencing intermittent connection problems.

My other three emails send and receive fine, except for my pacbell email account. I have spent days and hours trying to figure out the problem; deleting and adding the pacbell email setup. Confirming the correct In and outgoing & port settings. My suspicion is that they use POP3 email instead of IMAP, like mobile me and gmail.

Wondering if Verizon still supports technical support?

Does anyone know. Gonna switch as soon as I can@!!


Yeah, I just upgraded my regular DSL to Uverse DSL, and use Mozilla's email program. The Uverse installer was in such a rush to leave my house after doing an install, he did not set up my email as he told me he would. Inbounds are fine... but I can't SENT email through Firefox now. I called Uverse "India" tech support, and they tried to refer me to the Connect Tech paid service number, saying they "prefer you use web mail", and won't support you using third party programs.

I'll do some surfing to see if I can find a solution to my problem, but if not, I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for tech support for a service I pay for monthly. I'll just have them come back and take everything out and go back and switch providers.

As long as people accept this - they'll stay like this. Don't accept it. Make them lose money.

scott j

It's unfortunate that you had to go through all this *** but it doesn't surprise me at all. AT&T is by far the worst all around company I have ever seen. How this company gets away with the things they do is beyond me, and it's only getting worse.

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