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a telephone pole on our block burned, the whole block has been out of service. Each time I call the 800 number, I'm outsourced to some random country where the agents, Ma'am - so sorry - and state your name back to you to death, and practically read off of a script - and schedule you service calls that fall into a 4 hour window, and not only does nobody show up as you wait in your home (as if your time is worthless), but not one person calls you to tell you nobody is showing up.

This has now gone on for 6 days straight, and yet not one engineer has been up that burnt out pole to fix it. The pole stays idle, our services on our whole block stays out, and the robot agents haven't one clue of what is going on. All in all I'd say that incompetent is putting it lightly. in my opinion the company should have a class action law suit on their hands and/or should be shut down completely for failing their loyal customers this badly.

Horribly frustrating. I forgot to mention that they credit you a measly $5 dollars a day to cover the time you've spent waiting for nobody to show, the level of frustration and stress they cause you because you get nowhere with any agent or supervisor except more choreographed apologies, and the loss of money you get because you can not work from home with no internet service!!! Pathetic and I highly recommend that NOBODY choose this service provider or any that they now own. A monopoly of sheer frustration.

Here's a picture of that burnt out pole and notice not one engineer is shown attempting any kind of solution or fix.

Thanks for nothing, useless service provider, except for raising all our blood pressures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att U-verse Bundle.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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