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My wife and I recently had 2 AT&T lines established at our new home - I considered Voice over IP as an alternative but was concerned about voice quality. I should have worried more about being ripped off by the unbelievable LIARS at the phone monopoly AT&T.

We were told the total connection charge for both lines would be $80. I now sit here with two initial bills - one for $266.86 and one for $179.24, which include nearly $200 in wiring and other charges I was NEVER told about when I bought the service from the salesperson on the phone. When I called to complain the "customer service" rep asked me "did you ask about whether you would be charged for wiring and these other charges"? Truly. If you want wired phone service, AT&T is our ONLY choice, so if it costs money for them to get you hooked up I think they have a responsibility to tell you what those charges will be. Apparently they don't believe they need to be honest about this.

Oh - and if I want to cancel it is going to cost me $224.00 to break this contract.

I didn't know at the time that my contract was apparently with the Devil.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate this unconscionable company right now. They are liars and rip-off artists and should be shut down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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Hi Jecollie, I hope you allow me the opportunity to look into this billing situation for you. I am in the office Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm CST.

Send me an e-mail to ATTAnthonyG@att.com with "JeCollie" within the subject line.

Thank you. Anthony AT&T Social Media Manager

John N

What are you being charged for? there should be a breakdown of the charges. I suspect they had to wire your home. This takes time(labour charges)and phone cable(parts).

A better bet would have been to have them bring their wire up to the home and attach it outside in their box and then you do the inside wiring. It is rather simple and costs only for the wire.

I have had AT&T for decades and now pay $25.00 per month. You need a landline if you want reliable phone service. The VOIP you get thru Charter cable, etc. only works when the power is on and the internet is up. A landline works almost always.

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