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I have experienced what I consider unfair billing practices from AT&T on numerous occasions. I travel a lot for business and am conservative with international calls.

The package I used and extras like unlimited texting, etc did not result in the savings I thought. When returning to the USA and finding bills over $1000 I get a little upset. On 4 separate occasions I called customer service to complain about the unexpected charges for things like - my phone automatically checking for emails in a foreign country ~ $400 or my software mistakenly trying to download all of my emails from using my aircard ~$1200. On each occasion I complained vigorously to supervisors about the billing practices being predatory and unfair and had the bill reduced considerably, by more than 50%.

So, I got tired of negotiating my phone bill every month and feeling that I had been continuously taken advantage of. I longed for an honest company that keeps it simple and affordable but my impression of AT&T is that they keep it complicated and expensive purposely to increase revenue. My solution was to pay AT&T's outrageous cancellation penalties and go to a OneSim prepaid international phone where I can see exactly what is going on with my account, pay considerably less for calls and do not get surprises. I ported my number to who have a very affordable $5/mo) forwarding and message service.

Now I am quite happy and also use a MagicJack as backup. I am finished with the big carriers and the games they play - the administrations would do well to regulate these guys and force fair business practices as they have moved towards with credit cards and health insurers.

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ATT just raised my rates 30.00 per month because I wouldn't bundle with them. I am a senior citizen, but smart enough to know I don't want all my eggs in one basket as the rates will eventually go up.

I am weighing my options.

Shouldn't there be some minimally priced plan for seniors. Big companies like ATT seem to have no thought for anyone but themselves.


My family has ATT cell phone service. My husband and son work where a cell phone is A must AND COULD ACTUALLY BE A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH.

We kept getting dropped calls, no service etc. My phone doesn't let me call out, receive calls etc I just get "for emergency calls only." I call they 'reconfigure" etc. They tell me it is my phone so I asked "OK if it is my phone did my phone cough on my family and give their phones a virus too?" We have went back and forth with them and at their local centers more times than I care to count. No luck.

My neighbor calls and complains he got $250.00 taken off his bill, another got $450.00 taken off her phone. Me I call and was told if I give them $200.00 they would send me a "modem" that would boost my signal. I replied so you sell phones that you know are not going to work so that you will receive calls just to sell them a device so what was originally promised will work is that right? The rep.

said yes.

I said not to me and I will do whatever it takes to expose you for the frauds that you are! I AM ON A MISSION AND I WILL GET JUSTICE!


I am ashamed to say that I have been an ATT&T customer for more years than I can count–going back to the Cingular Wireless days. In the last 3 months alone I have been on the phone with them almost weekly straightening out fraudulent billing issues on their part across my 5 wireless lines.

As soon as one erroneous charge (that was either supposed to be grandfathered or included in an existing unlimited data, text or minutes plan that I get charged for) is cleared up, another bogus charge pops up. I am so desperately tired of the bait and switch AT&T practices that I could scream. Sometimes I do — right into the phone at the customer service rep. I don’t understand why the FCC is asleep at the wheel where AT&T is concerned.

It is nearly impossible to leave them with different lines on different contract schedules but I think that’s my only recourse at this point. It is entrirely up to the consumer to review each monthly bill like a hawk to determine what erroneous charge they’ve thrown in for that billing period. These are not mistakes on their part either–they are deliberate charges that they hope the consumer will not notice and just pay. These are deplorable and highly evident fraudulent business pratices that the regulators turn a blind eye toward.

Can only imagine the kind of money AT&T is shoveling under the table at the regulators to buy their silence. Bring on the class action suits. Even though they’ll pass the cost on to the consumer it would be nice to see them feel even a fraction of the pain their customers do.

I’m going to nominate them for a J.D. Powers award in the category of “Best and Most Transparent Attempt to Rip-off Consumers at Every Turn.”



I have had to call almost every month about charges applied to my account that are sneaked onto my bill. They range from $2.00 to $9.99 and can be multiples of these amounts.

Each time I have called to complain, they are removed, confirming my suspicion that they are erroneous but intentional. Apparently there are 'data blocks' and 'purchase blocks' you can apply to your number, which after one year I found out about. Also, the Samsung they sell (my husband and I both have the same phone) has terrible audio. It is nearly impossible for us to communicate.

Speaking with others is fair. When I complained multiple times, they finally replaced my phones under warranty. These 2 are marginally better. I am attempting to get out of my contract, awaiting a call back.

As I am not 'deceased' or called to military duty, they will fight me.

Whatever happened to quality products and customer service?? Not at ATT Wireless!!


I just received the slap in the face again from ATT. Me and my wife have never learned to stop doing business with this Conglomerate.

Over and over we have been taken.This time and final episode : We did suspend our service with them on 11-11-10.We just did not need our phone line and the internet service. By Dec 3rd, we got a final bill in excess of $ 152.00. We went berserk b'cause we did not have a signed contract.The service was like $ 54.00 monthly... so I did call ATT and after an incredible waiting time talked to someone, got their name down and this ATT bonafide representative was able to do away with this so called early termination fees some $ 150.00.

This Rep. a woman outsource reiforced the fact that all I'aid be paying was $ 42.70 as a final bill and nothing else. It had to be paid on 12-20 .So I did, talked to Eric ,an ATT,employee, and before I proceeded to give him my credit card # I made sure that no other early termination fees payments were due on this account whatsoever. So he did agree and said no other payment or fees are due whatsoever.

Eric gave me the conformation number 30w7csr16013gx9 ...

This is on got an ATT letter asking me, charging me $ 152.87 which is the early termination fee !...

I talked to Luke wit ATT and he says it's nothing he can do...I OWE THE EARLY TERMINATION FEE !

This company is definitelly abusing the consumers. The number of ATT reps I talked to were not honest and misrepresented the help at's just a money making machine and they do not care about you...You don't have a Contract and once you are with them you realize that on the fine print it says you are locked to a 6 months contract or early termination fee !...I am reporting this under unfair, deceptive prectices from ATT...I wasted hours trying to talk to someone on my account ...all the time...stay away from this unneeded headache !


At&t is a faceless greed driven monster set up to convenience themselves at the expense of their customers. I paid 21 of 24 month contract before losing service .

Went to two att stores and after rude treatment went to verizon .

Even if you have a good reason for breaking contract they turn your account over to some fly by night collection agency. I will never pay them another dime ever.

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