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I can't really take advantage of any Black Friday deals because all 3rd party vendors (who offer the deals) will not allow me to create a Next installment plan on a line I already have with AT&T. I can get a new phone at the AT&T store or online with AT&T but not with a 3rd party that actually has a good BF deal.

So, I do what I always do and find a way around it. I created a new line knowing that in the past I have moved phone numbers to different lines on my account. Yes it involves me getting new SIM cards. Now I can't seem to do that with AT&T.

None of my lines are on contract and I just want to delete one of them. I want to keep my agreement with the AT&T Next plan.

I found out that the reason I can't get a new phone with Next at a 3rd party is because I have Unified billing with AT&T. It prevents 3rd parties (Best Buy, Sam's Club, etc) from doing this. Now, I have a phone number I don't want and a phone line I am not using.

I'm pretty pissed. No contracts on anything and pay a lot each month for all the services I get from AT&T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Simple issue of keeping a phone number and Unified billing causing problems..

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Switch my Next installment to another line..

ATT Cons: Run around customer service.

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You are absolutely correct at&t customer service sucks terribly. I contacted them turn to in unify my bill then I had my direct tv turned off because the bill became unexplainable high with no premium channels and cancelled my internet svc cancelled because they could not accommodate me with a higher speed.

Now they are playing games about a defective phone that was still under warranty and now trying to charge me for a phone they never sent me. I as a consumer is going to play their game and get an attorney


I just discovered the same problem.. Really annoying and I hope that ATT gets flooded with calls over the holdays as people can't take advantage of the deals.

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