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I appreciate getting to jump on to this conversation. We are on hold right now trying to correct the many issues related to our bundled services.

We have had AT&T for cell phone for years. We haven't loved it, but it's been okay and if we had issues they were helpful. We had Comcast for our internet and cable and hated them, so thought if AT&T is less, how much worse can it be. We are longing for Comcast now.

We decided to go for the bundle to get the most savings (and the most issues!). Immediately they screwed up our phone number. We have had the same number for 11 years, and when you call to get service they first have you enter your phone number to get started. *** if I know!

The only people who use that number are telemarketers. We were promised our original phone number and rumor has it that next week might be good for getting it back. We've heard that every week for the last month, but our fingers are crossed. Then there is the cable.

It sort of worked for a day, then it was partially down, then it was completely down. We are glad we have a smart TV, because that is what we are using while we pay AT& T. We were completely down for a week. Then my husband took another day off work to meet a technician.

It kind of worked for a day, then down again. That fourth time we had to take a day off we were really angry, and they calmed us down by saying they'd comp the entire month. Made sense. the internet hasn't worked, cable hasn't worked.

Our phone number doesn't work. Turns out that wasn't noted in our file, and the bill we just opened is twice what we were promised in our initial meeting. Oh, and about that $500 gift card. Yeah, that doesn't really exist.

We were told that we qualified for $300, not $500 based on certain requirements and then we got something for $150, and we so far haven't seen the card. We just heard about it. It doesn't seem that anyone has the authority at AT&T to do anything to correct an issue unless you escalate it to termination. Then they can affect changes at a higher dollar value.

I would threaten that early on because you will want to go postal at all the people that will tell you "I am so sorry, but I do not have the authority to....". And you will wait a looooooong time on hold for them to say that and to not be able to help you. If you decide this is worth pursuing anyway, or if you are so far in there is not turning back, realize that working with AT&T will take a lot of your time and energy, and time off work to meet a plethora of technicians (who are independent contractors and can't speak for AT&T),and document your issues as they occur.

You will be sharing them with a lawyer or AT&T.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ATT Pros: Price promised.

ATT Cons: Delivery of service and billing.

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