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This past Saturday I went to my local AT&T wireless store to sign up for the U-Verse service at my home address. I had recently opened another line on my wireless account and had learned a bit more about the service.

I proceeded to sign up, at the end of the process I was informed that the system was being "buggy" and that someone would contact me the following day with my order details. However, later this same night I received an e-mail from U-verse with my order details/confirmation and installation date/time. Being ever vigilant, I contacted the number located within the e-mail to confirm this information. The information (order details, installation date/time) was confirmed.

Sunday I contacted U-verse to confirm again (because I wanted to cancel my cable service as my new bill would start on the 9th) and again my appointment date/time was confirmed. Monday I requested the few hours off from work (unpaid unfortunately) to be at home for the installation of my U-verse service. However, Monday night I receive a phone call from the store in which I originally signed up for the U-verse service and was told that I should cancel my appointment as it is now showing that I owe a 450.00 deposit for Uverse service. Shocked, I asked her to explain to me why all of a sudden now I owe a deposit for an AT&T service (I have been with AT&T wireless for several years, with multiple lines of service).

However, she could not explain this to me. She went further to tell me that I should cancel the installation because if they came to install my service, they would then turn said service off the following day and demand 450.00 deposit from me. I was never told by the store (until monday night), or by any of the THREE "customer service agents" I spoke with via telephone that my account showed that I owed a deposit. This is very deceptive practices by all parts imo.

I will be canceling ALL service with AT&T.

If you feel you can deceive a long-term, paying customer in this way, I don't feel as if you deserve my business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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Lex T

I spent a cumulative 3 hours on hold waiting for ATT "customer service" reps (salesmen) and another bunch of time *teaching* a couple of their (thick accented)foreign technical advisers over 2 or 3 days as I tried to get ATT to fix my "up to"

1.5 Mbps ADSL connection which was running at 36 kbps (yes, that slow).

When the salesman..err "customer service rep" tried to sell me Uverse I seriously considered it until he asked me if I wanted him to "open a case" to determine whether I was credit worthy enough to qualify for Uverse...

I'm a property owner, have had Bellsouth (ATT) as my telco since 1974, Cingular (now ATT) cell phone service since 1995, ADSL since 2001 (when it was actually 1.5 Mbps down).


At least somebody clued you in b4 you got$450 in the hole for their *** service. A good friend of mine, an old coot

navy man with a heart condition who can barely afford his meds got suckered into Uverse by a cunning salesdude.

The guy promised my bud he'd save a bunch of money which would be reflected on his first bill...the my friend got the first bill...$180.

I'm glad my connection with the ATT sales..err "customer service rep"

got mysteriously dropped when I told the guy I wanted to talk to Comcast b4 making any decisions..I might have gotten unruly and unprofessional 8)


I am a manager at an at&t store and I can tell you that the wireless service, and your history as a wireless customer, has no bearing on the credit evaluation for U-verse. The $450.00 deposit is based strictly on your credit history.

The representative that called you and suggested you cancel your service was merely trying to save you the hassle of having to deal with that deposit requirement.

The customer service reps would not have asked you about it or mentioned it because it is up to the store level rep to inform you of it. Since the system was "buggy", as it sometimes is, the store level rep may not have been able to obtain the credit decision at that point.


What a rippoff. I've just arrived from Australia.

I have no credit history at all. Al other utility companies take a Refundable credit deposit, returned after a year of on-time payments.

I understood and paid those, AT&T wants to just take the money from me or not give me a service that I will pay for. That is the precise definition of extortion.


450 is a non-refundable fee...doesn't matter if you are a good wireless customer or not, you have one of two things, bad credit or not invests 1,000's yes 1,000's into each home they install, customers with bad credit or not enough credit run the biggest risk of running up high bills and not paying, or destroying/losing equipment....try putting the account in someone else's name like a spouse, parent, sibling or child...


AT&T sucks, we moved from one house to another, i requested to moved the service to the new house, that was 2 month ago, we are still trying to get the last house to cancel service and the are still billing me over 200.00 for an empty house


Same issue with deposit for u-verse. They just lost a 5yr cell phone customer.


actually we cant get uverse where i live now and we STILL had to pay the *** deposit. sadly we had no choice as thats the only option for net where i live =/


Bought a new Go Phone with a $50 air time credit. I called to get my credit and I was told that the AT&T plan I have was not included as part of the free air time.


The information included says no such thing. I agree they are crinials.


Just had the same experience. It's a joke and I think it's criminal.

You can't just take $450 from someone and never return it. I thought about just paying it until they told me I would never see it again. I asked how they called that a deposit because a deposit you get back. They just got rude and couldn't tell me.

I have AT&T Wireless and never had to pay them a deposit.

Why is U-Verse so elite? Screw them.


The only reward i am going to get,is getting rid of at&t :( :(


the 450 deposit isn't a deposit. Its a credit fee assessed by att, if you are deemed as a high credit risk. A deposit can be returned this fee will not ever be returned to you.


Stay away from AT&T corp criminals. :(

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