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I signed up with ATT UVerse on 01/31/2012; I have experienced nothing but problems since the first day of sign up. The initial representative installed the equipment too far away from our desktop computer which made the signal weak. He also didn't check to make sure the phone lines were working before he left, which they were not, and we went with the telephone not being able to ring for almost a week. When the next rep came out a week later to correct this tech's problems, I mentioned the low speed as well; we were paying for 12 mg and only getting somewhere between 2-5 mg. That is when the rep told us that he should not have installed the equipment in the basement, so he gave us an ACT/Link to go with with computer to help with the speed. It didn't help. ATT also gave us 18 mg's for free, hoping that would help with the connection; it didn't help at all.

I've had at least 15 tech's out in the last 1 1/2, and only last month did the ATT tech reinstall the equipment upstairs to help with the speed. Since the reinstall on 04/06/2012, I've had 4 more tech's to the residence; the last one was out yesterday, and I am crossing my fingers that the problem is fixed this time. One of the reps tried to charge us for the visit ($55 trip charge and wanted to change out wiring in the bedroom) and I threw a fit; they waived the fee. But I have had other billing problems with ATT.

I called back on 04/06/2012 and spoke to a rep who said he would give us free HBO and Cinemax for three months, a locked in internet rate of $29.95 for a year, and a $20 adjustment for the service problems. Before the $20 adjustment, this would make the bill $174.01 per month. I received my bill at the first of this month only to find that no credit was given, I was being charged for HBO and Cinemax ($26 a month), and my internet was almost $40. So I called billing on the 22nd of May.

The rep I spoke with in billing saw the previous reps notes and promised to adjust the bill. I logged onto my bill today only to find no adjustment. So I called customer service this evening.

I spoke to a rep named Eden this evening in customer service that refused to give us the free HBO and Cinemax, the lowered internet rate, or the credit to the account, despite what is written in their system; her logic is that we are not new customers, and these rates are reserved for new customers. I asked to speak to her supervisor. I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes, and finally she came back on the line only to tell me that I still needed to hold; Eden put me back on hold and about 1 minute later my call was disconnected by them (I assume she hung up on me). I called customer service back only to find out that they are not closed for the evening. Needless to say I am furious. While ATT's tech support has always been ***, their billing and customer service has typically been good. This rep refusing to credit my account and willfully hanging up on me was the last straw. I spent this evening filing complaint reports with the BBB of Dallas, the Attorney General of Texas, the FTC, and the FCC. I suggest you do the same because the more complaints that are filed the more likely major corrective action will be taken against ATT. I went through billing problems with another company, I had to get these agencies involved, and it is surprising how fast they act on issues like this.

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Liars...that is all I can say about them. I re-upped my service with them in Oct 2014 has long has my bill, with taxes included, would be $170.99 per month.

They agreed over the phone has long has I would agree to stay with them for 12 months. My bill has not been that each month. Today when I called the supervisor was not understanding at all. My bill due in Feburary is $196.25.

I told him no way am I paying this amount. He told me he would take the "late fee off" and that is when he got a good cussing. I have never been late period. I bundled the phone, net and U450 for the agreed amount of $170.99 included taxes for a 12 month period.

I have it recorded just like they do. Told him I would not honor the 12 month agreement because they are not honoring the $170.99 agreement.

I hate COMCAST and will never go back to them, so it looks like I will be putting an antenna on the rooftop to watch FREE TV before too much longer. Now I hate UVERSE just has bad has COMCAST.


Should I call the FCC or attorney general's office with a complaint? I have spent three hours on the phone tonight with issues.

Was hung up on once. This is not the first time I have had this experience with U-Verse customer service.

I want to know that somebody at AT&T will take notice of my complaint. Feel the only way for that to happen is to go outside, something serious enough to get their attention.


Here are some links that you might find helpful:

AT&T corporate address (you'll need it when you file reports): http://www.corporateofficeheadquarters.com/2011/02/at-corporate-office-headquarters.html#.VFElJ_nF81I

FCC: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints

Texas Attorney General: https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/

BBB: http://www.bbb.org/

From my experience, the FCC is the most helpful, but dependent on your problem will determine whether you can file a complaint with them or not. BBB is helpful as well. As for the Attorney General, I haven't had as much luck with the one in Texas, so you might consider filing one with your state.

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